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Happy Halloween

Here is a photo for the event.

happy Halloween to all!

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Music, circle time, honoring gardeners and a Puppet Show!

  Celebrate with us on ZOOM!

Frog Hollow Harvest Celebration 2020

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Anti-Racism Resources: Together Let’s End Hate

The Coronavirus disease has changed the world as we know it. It can be difficult to know what to expect. Working together to ensure social distancing and protecting those most at risk is one way we can work together to get through this pandemic. Another way to stand together against Covid-19 is to identify racism when it happens and take a stand against it by denouncing hateful actions. To help our community we’ve shared some Anti-Racism resources. Together let’s end hate.

Here are some facts and information about identifying racism and some tips to help you take action.

Emerging Trends

Here are some statistics and emerging trends for Covid-19 Anti-Asian Racism in Canda:

covid-19-anti-asian-racism-in-canada-emerging-trends.pngDownload the PDF:

Covid-19 Anti-Asian Racism In Canada Emerging Trends

Responding to Anti-Asian Racism – Calls To Action

Here are some things you can do in response to Anti-Asian racism and help put an end to hate and support those being targeted:

responding-to-anti-asian-racism-calls-to-action.pngDownload the PDF;

Responding To Anti-Asian Racism Calls To Action

Emerging Trends and Call To Action via project 1907. Learn more about project 1907.


Let’s End Hate

ccpc-lets-end-hate-flyer-1.pngccpc-lets-end-hate-flyer-2.pngLet’s End Hate Anti-Racism Resources via Chinese Community Policing Centre

Download the PDFs:

CCPC Lets End Hate Flyer 1

CCPC Lets End Hate Flyer 2

We acknowledge that racism is real, including the micro-aggressions and misinformation surfacing around Covid-19. If you find the information in these Anti-Racism resources helpful please pass them on to someone you know it could help.

Stay safe and stay healthy. Together we can create a brighter, kinder future.

Read the ANHBC Statement and find out more about how Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House is committed to fighting for social justice.


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Show n Tell at the Gardeners Hangout

vimeo.com/425691535 Checking in with my community tomato plants, coming up with some future plans and doing some reading here on the bench at Clinton park by the playground. Looking forward to harvest the kale seeds and looking forward to providing you with workshops on apple dehydration and garlic planting and more. it’s not sunny here but man the sound of those children’s laughter makes this day amazing!!!

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More garden talk from my kitchen table


Had a zoom session but many mamas couldn’t make it so I followed up with a quick sharing. Finally managed to set up my tripod correctly!

I love sharing with you and their will be more mini talks or workshops I plan to provide for you. This video is first cut, no editing. Happy Gardening everyone!

It’s fun to see what will grow!

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Healing Garden at the Gardeners Hangout

Gardeners Hangout at Clinton park located at the corner of Grant and Slocan street. A visit with the garden, so much to care for and so much healing already here for us at our disposal. I love gardening� Soon we can connect and you will love it too!
Thanks for visiting. Watch me here!


Lots of work to be done, but there is hope!
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Kitchen Table Garden Talk

Gardeners Hangout from my kitchen table, a little intro… a beginning of seed talks, sharing, learning and discovering. More to share at the Gardeners Hangout every Wednesday. Let’s get together and be virtual gardeners!

There is as mistake in the video where I mention daffodils but meant to say daisies. They are daisies growing out of the pods-not daffodils.

Thanks for your patience.


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Storage Solutions

Just not enough storage space until now! Thank you Frankie for building us another box for our food storage for the families. Very well done! We appreciate you!

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Emergency food bags on their way!

Pulling whatever resources I have together to create food bags for families in need. It’s really tough right now for everyone, loss of jobs, difficult for single moms to get to the store without someone watching their children, So difficult for Seniors to get to the market and carry all their needs back home all on their own. It’s expensive to buy food now, it’s not even on the shelf, and it’s not easy to get to the many markets that we normally do to stretch our dollar. Sure there’s delivery service and that’s wonderful, but it’s not always getting the things that we culturally appropriately need. And it’s expensive and there’s a delivery service charge too! I think about all those things and how we can even have all the money in the world and not be able to access food. Those are the barriers we are facing in case you didn’t understand. It’s time to really lend a helping hand and open up our hearts and these guys really proved it!

Thank you Soup Vancouver for your donations! 


Gift card donations from my dear friend Corina! Thank you!

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Starting with seeds

Like I promised I am mailing out some seeds to you. These are the ones that I have on hand and I will get more and will demonstrate to you at the Gardeners Hang out every Wednesday from 3:30 to 5 PM on Zoom! See you next week on April 29th!. I have included my own tomato seeds-third generation. That’s what you see dried out on a paper towel from last year. I’ll show you on Wednesday how to plant them. Village Vancouver is providing me with more seeds soon to come my way! I’m grateful to them, so if anybody else wants more seeds just let me know.

carrots are fun to grow

many seeds from my seed drawer

oh yes, Kale is my favorite, no wait the zucchini was amazing last year…. and the sunflower 10 feet tall!

Tomato seeds saved from last year. Third generation, you are going to love them!

stuffing the envelopes, hope they all fit

Ready to be mailed. Love the old fashion way of doing things.

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