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Dr. Yu & Dr. Lieblich Interviews

Hello everyone!

I’d like you to meet two local medical professionals in your community.  Dr. Yu is a highly-talented acupuncturist and Chinese medicine doctor who specializes in hair loss treatments.  Dr. Lieblich, who has practiced dentistry in the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood for over 40 years, is the friendliest, most community-minded dentist you will ever meet.  Both are wonderful people and we are lucky to have them in our community.  We thank them for allowing us to tell their stories!

Funded by the Hastings Legacy Fund

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What I Learned from Engaging Abundant Community


On Thursday, October 5th Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House had the opportunity to sit in on a round table with a group of people at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House and listen to them tell their stories. One of the ladies in this group had made breakfast and I thought how appropriate the sharing of food was for a momemt like this. Food brings people together and it was during this breakfast that I realized this was a tight knit group of people who relied on these meetings.

As I listened to their stories, which ranged from the difficulties of navigating our social systems, to housing, triumphs through adversity, to nostalgic memories of the past, I realized something. The ability to have a space to tell stories, to share a snapshot in time of a moment in their lives was like the need for air. I learned that Engaging Abundant Community was more than just storytelling. It was about the vital need for human connection, a fundamental human need no matter the age, race, creed, socioeconomic status, gender or sexual orientation.

I know how detrimental to our health — mental, intellectual, physical and spiritual — isolation can be. What the program Engaging Abundant Community does is create healthy, strong and connected communities. These conversations encourage the people who take part in them to share their stories of adversity and wellness but it also educates and offers support, mental health training and resources, other imortant community resources and of course, friendship.


I felt honored and humbled to be a part of the program. I felt such gratitude that I was able to listen to their words and hear the passion and hope in their voices. This group of people let us in and I was amazed at their courage, openess and honesty. It made a definite impact on me and it was a true gift.

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Free Workshop! Community Connections Pathways to Leadership Program

Come to our Information Session available October 10th from 9;30am to 11:30am.

Child minding and bus tickets avavilable!

See the flyer and video posted below for more information.


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Tamam Palestinian Restaurant & BK Market Interviews

More stories from our friendly neighbours at Tamam Palestinian Restaurant and BK Market on Hastings Street.  We were thrilled to get to know these amazing locally-minded business owners.  Stay tuned for more stories!

Funded by the Hastings Legacy Fund.


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Upcoming Event: 17th Annual Pumpkin Patch in the City

Another year has come and soon it will be October and kids will be thinking about Halloween and pumpkins. Frog Hollow will be hosting their 17th annual Pumpkin Patch in the City on Saturday, October 21st, 2017.

Free Admission with activities include:
– Arts Harvest Exhibition
– Story-telling
– Halloween Crafts
– Face Painting
– Small price for games & contests
– And much more…

See attached flyer for more info. Also, if you are a youth and would like to volunteer, applications will be available soon.

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East Café and Di Oliva Interviews

Through our Generating Connections Project, youth and senior volunteers conducted interviews with businesses in the Hastings-Sunrise area.  The East Café and Di Oliva were kind enough to participate in our project.  Below are their stories.  Stay tuned for more interviews!   Di Oliva  East Café 

Funded by the Hastings Legacy Grantposterboard - eastcafe, dioliva

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Nordic Pole Walk

The seniors had fun trying out the new toy.  One of them said it was easy walking with their arms and legs at the same time.

So what is a Nordic Pole? It’s like walking sticks that helps you to balance and improves your posture. There are some cool benefits too. Reducing diabetes, high blood pressure, builds upper core muscles, it’s an overall great cardio workout.

Check out our photos! Would you try it?

*Photos courtesy of Gloria Tsui

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Neighbourhood Small Grants: Science X [Event Recap]

The youth team at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House had organized a science workshop for the kids. It was funded by the Vancouver Foundation Small Grants. The project involves the promotion of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field to youth and children.

I love seeing the kids learn cool science projects and get educated on how things work. Each group move through each science station to experience different types of science experiments. Activities were about aerodynamics, slime-making, and dried ice experiment. It was quite a fun hands-on event.

Check out the photos below:

20170826102150154 20170826103123941 20170826103148238

20170826103430816 20170826104431357 20170826104532615

20170826104552136 20170826104821432 20170826105427905

20170826110057611 20170826111420468 20170826111434512

20170826111503904 20170826111505078 20170826113118880


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Neighbourhood Small Grants: Can U Can It? [Event Recap]

September is here and the kids are back to school. If you have been scrambling to get ready for school, you’re not the only one. I am happy to share the past Small Grants event that was hosted by the youth team held at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House: Can U Can It?

What is it? It is a workshop where the teens and youth have a chance to learn how to make blueberry jam as well as apple sauce. It’s nice to see kids, and not just the adults, experience and learn how to make jam and other canned foods (with adult supervision, of course).


20170813101417699 20170813101715350 2017081310172333220170813102233965 20170813102237767 20170813103453420

20170813104149438 20170813104155573 20170813104523678

20170813104758145 20170813113134151 20170813110211593


20170813101346981 20170813101355400 2017081310140358820170813101440828 20170813111111257 20170813114714674

20170813114751169 20170813114754475 20170813115047820

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Upcoming Event: Harvest Festival

Can you believe there’s one week left of summer break before school starts? This Thursday, August 31st, come join us on the final day at “Frogs in the Park” at Clinton Park for the Harvest Festival from 10am to 2pm. This event will feature arts & crafts, games, Tai Chi, dance, vegetable contest, baked goods fundraising, Carnival Band appearance, and much more!

If it rains, it will be held at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House.

More about the vegetable contest: Enter your proudest vegetable you have grown and win a prize. Contest entry close at 11:45am and announcement begins at noon.

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