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GIVE65 Fundraising Event

The seniors program here at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House collaborated with Home Instead Foundation and is participating in the GIVE65 Event to help seniors in the Great Vancouver area.


What is GIVE65?

GIVE65 is a donation event in support of seniors and will take place between July 9th and July 11th, 2019. The GIVE65 Event is the nations first and only online giving event focussed on charitable programs and services that give seniors hope in communities throughout Canada.

We are trying raise funds for our “Neighbourhood House on the Go” project. The “Neighbourhood House” bike cart reaches isolated and marginalized older adults by bringing Neighbourhood House activities and resources to the streets and yards of older adults, creating greater accessibility to services, and building strong neighbourhood-based intergenerational relationships. The raised funds can help sustain this project through maintaining the bike, riding the bike around the neighbourhood, and facilitating events with seniors in need.

Visit GIVE65.ca and enter Frog Hollow in the search bar to find us.

Our Goal is $50,000

We have the chance to not only receive up to $5,000 in matching funds, but we are also competing for an additional $2,500 in bonus grants based on how much we raise or how many donors give.

Donations of $10 or more accepted at 5am on July 9 until 10pm on July 11. You can also pre-schedule your donation July 1-8 at GIVE65.ca.

Don’t want to wait until July 9 to give? GIVE65.ca accepts pre-scheduled gifts between July 1-8. Learn more at GIVE65.ca

Please feel free to share the flyer below with families, neighbours and the community and help spread the word.


2019 GIVE65 Event flyer Canada (PDF)

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Places to go this summer

There are many places you can visit this summer if you are interest to go to museum you can visit Beaty Biodiversity Museum and Museum of Anthropology in UBC.  Also there are Museum of Vancouver and Vancouver Maritime Museum,Police Museum and Roedde House Museum in town too.  If you are interest watching flowers and trees there are Nitobe Garden and Rose Garden in UBC also there are VanDusen Garden,Darts Hill Garden and Deep Cove in town.  Also there are Trout Lake,Deer Lake and Burnaby Lake near by too.

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Frog Hollow’s New Children’s Playground

At Frog Hollow, we have just completed renovation to our new kids playground and we are raising money for the maintenance. To learn more and to make a donation, visit the link at https://bit.ly/2E5QbLO. Please help us by spread the word by sharing with your family and friends. We are grateful for all contributions.

Thank you from all of us at Frog Hollow.

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Congratulations to the 2019 Good Neighbour Award Recipients

On May 9th, we celebrated The Good Neigbours Awards, an annual event hosted by The Association of Neighbourhood Houses of British Columbia (ANHBC) to celebrate our volunteers, community supporters, and neighbours.

Huge congrats to the following award recipients:

      John Chen, for receiving the Youth Good Neighbour Award. Thank you for all your work for the Youth Programs!

      Gordon Parenteau, for receiving the Neighbour Award. He has been volunteering with our Food Security Program since 2016. His positive energy brings joy to others.

      Uprising Bread Bakery, for receiving the Corporate Good Neighbour Award. They have been donating their homemade baked goods to our programs since 2008.


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My Plant

Recently I have tried to grow some plant on my balcony.  Here they are I  am quite proud of it.

Aug.2,2018 (Kale)

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Caregiver Support Group

Our next meeting will be on June 5, 2019.  If you are a caregiver and like to share your experience with the other caregivers, or listen to our speaker on the subject of Alzheimer’s, please come and join us at 5:30 pm at Beulah Garden.  Meal will be provided.  

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Clinton Park Co-Design Voting Results

During the month of May of 2019, the Frog Hollow team held a Co-Design voting event at Clinton Park. The people in the community sat down with the Co-Design Group and sketches were drawn during these discussions based on what people like to do outdoors. The voting was based on what activities that community members would like to see happening at Clinton Park in the near future as well as visits to the the newly renovated field house.

There are a lot of interests in pretty much every activity that was drawn out in each artwork. The drawings of each canvas feature suggestions such as ping pong, exercise machine, a band under a gazebo, people sharing food, a water park, recycled tires in the playground, Tai Chi, picnic, sitting in the shade, stargazing, seed exchange, barbecue, music and singing, entertainment, and much more.


See the snapshots below.

20190504_151340 20190504_151346

20190504_151354 20190504_151401

20190504_151406 20190504_151425

20190504_151432 20190504_151448



If you have any suggestions or other activities you like or want to see happening at Clinton Park, please feel free to contact Lysandra at Frog Hollow. We would like to generate more ideas from neighbours and the community and implement them.


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Clinton Park Co-Design Gallery Vote

BC Youth Week is happening May 1st to May 7th and the youth team here at Frog Hollow NH is hosting a big event! The event will be on Saturday, May 4th, 2019 from 1pm to 3pm and we want you to come join us. We will have a voting event for the Co-Design drawings at the fieldhouse. Vote for what future activities you want happening at Clinton Park. We will also have some discussions on how we will implement those activities and events.

Clinton Park Voting Event

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Welcoming Spring


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Food Rescue-I’m good for You!

You just never know what kind of veggies your going to get in the food rescue!

I love me Spinach!

Prepared food rescue bags ready for the registered families to pick up weekly. Thanks to Van Whole Foods for their donations!

We are happy to say we are no longer using plastic bags, only reusable ones!

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