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‘The Pianist: A Concert Catastrophe’

Tuesday night we went to York Theatre on Commercial Drive to see the above comedy. Thanks to Manda for taken a few photos before the show because photos were not allowed to be taken when the show started.  It is a mix of classical mime clowning and circus, a solo comedy act around the grand piano.  A story of a pianist who does not seems to be able to perform in a traditional way and nothing goes right for him.  We all enjoy it and have a good laugh.

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Pumpkin Patch in the City [Photos & Recap]

It was a fun-filled day at the Pumpkin Patch at Frog Hollow. We were lucky to have some sunshine on that day. It was a great turnout. It was quite busy actually. We’ve connected with different families, neighbours, as well as seeing old friends.

Check out the photos below of the activities that happened.

ENTERTAINMENT: Electric Violin with Azul, Hula Hoop with Mackenzie, Vincent the Magician, The Purple Pirate, Break Dance, and The Carnival Band.

ART HARVEST EXHIBITION: Art Gallery, Handmade Crafts, tie-dyed T-shirts

ARTS & CRAFTS: Art with Ross, Watercolour Art, Beading, Henna Art, and Story-telling



Photos by Jennie Yuen. See link to view full gallery: https://www.flickr.com/gp/jennieyuenphotos/6Bn400

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Getting Ready for the Pumpkin Patch

There’s just one more day left (it’s tomorrow) before the famous Pumpkin Patch event at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House. Staff and volunteers are working hard with planning, set up, and prepping the place for an exciting Halloween themed carnival, Art Harvest Exhibition and great entertainment.



See the entertainment schedule below:

10am – Electric Violin with Azul

11am – Hula Hoop with Mackenzie

12pm – Vincent the Magician

1pm – The Purple Pirate

2pm – Break Dance

3pm – The Carnival Band

See you there!

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Community Walk (clean up)

Today’s walk is going with Hasting’s Community Policing to do the clean up in Clinton Park.  We picked up the essential tools prepared by them at Frog Hollow then heading to Clinton Park.  We were divided into two groups after picking up garbage from Clinton Park.  One group goes north and the other group goes south from the park continue picking up garbage from the neighbourhood.  My team turns north to Charles then east to Slocan and then turns south back to the park.  On the way we saw neighbour looking through their windows to see what we are doing and there is a lady outside her house say ‘thank you’ she really appreciate our work. We have spent one hour on the clean up before heading back to Frog Hollow.  Thank you to all the participant.

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Community Neighbourhood Stories: Laughing Bean

Another exciting visit to one of local businesses in the Hastings-Sunrise Neighbourhood area of Vancouver. We’ve made an appointment to interview Rebecca and Wayne, owners of Laughing Bean Coffee Shop.

Video: Meet Rebecca and Wayne

Filmed and edited by Jennie Yuen

See interview below (thanks to our newest volunteer, Ashley Ng, for the notes):
FYI – LB stands for Laughing Bean

Q – What did you know about the neighbourhood before opening your store here?


  • Diversity, multiple demographics
  • First telephone was built here
  • People used to go to the Hastings Race Track and New Brighton Park
  • Hastings Trolley used to be here
  • We had local artists create a wall mural here to depict scenes and important characteristics of the neighbourhood, including depicting people from the First Nations community, history of the neighbourhood, fish and salmon, the train, and New Brighton Park
    • The owners are named Rebecca and Wayne. LB opened in 2003
    • Rebecca speaks Dutch and French. Wayne is French-Canadian.
    • They have a therapy dog who often stays at the shop. For a lot of their customers, seeing the dog is the highlight of their day
    • They have 2 daughters. One is 25 years old and worked at the shop since she was 13 years old
    • LB tries to hire diverse staff. They ask job seekers/candidates if they speak a 2nd language when interviewing them
    • The VPD used to come to LB frequently when it was less busy and more quiet
    • LB owner Rebecca decorated the shop
    • Before LB opened, this space used to have a gas station and a video store. The space was empty when it was purchased by Rebecca and Wayne
    • Rebecca and Wayne named the shop Laughing Bean because they wanted the name to “evoke a response… and positive emotion” They want LB to be a place that is fun for customers and staff. They originally wanted to host comedy events at LB but couldn’t obtain a liquor license and so did not end up hosting comedy shows.

Q – How has the neighbourhood changed in the last 13 years since LB opened? 


  • Gentrification
  • Real estate has pushed east and made the neighbourhood more expensive
    • Rebecca and Wayne said that rebranding the Hastings-Sunrise area as “East Village” is “controversial”. When they think of “East Village” they think of another neighbourhood in New York City. They said that many people still call the area Hastings-Sunrise

Q – Who are you affiliated with in the neighbourhood? 


  • Try to get all of our products from local places such as JJ Bean

Q – Do members of the Chinese community frequent LB?


  • At first, not so much. Over time, we have had a larger Chinese Following

Q – What are your busiest store hours? 


  • Between 6 am to 2 pm. We also get a small spike in business after school

Q – Why did you decide to open your shop here?


  • Thought it was the best location. “Right cost of parking…right side of the road.” It had “everything we wanted in a business”

Q –  What do you like about this neighbourhood? 


  • Easy to access/convenient to reach other places in the city
  • Blue collar, regular families – it’s fun, relaxed and not “stuck-up”
  • “Least city-like neighbourhood” I’ve experienced
  • Diverse neighbourhood
  • Rebecca and Wayne said that they want to give really good coffee in a place that is welcoming and comfortable. A place where people come for a “friendly chat… there’s communication.. they’ll meet here”
Laughing Bean is located at the corner of Hastings and Slocan St. Let’s meet for a cup of coffee or tea.
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Community Walk/Friendship Group

October 5 was our regular community walk day.  We left Frog Hollow at 12:45pm with a small group of walkers this time, actually all the comers belonged to “Friendship” group too.  We meet on the first Friday every month at Frog Hollow for two hours chatted together wisdom exchange and a special thanks to those volunteers working hard in the kitchen to prepare a nice lunch for us to enjoy.  ( I am glad that I am able to take a photo of them start at the kitchen this morning). We sure have a delicious meal today because during our walk we found a good butcher shop at Nanaimo and Kitchener that gave us a special discount on chicken drumstick.  We stopped at Clinton Park for a rest after the good buy from ‘Columbus Meat Market’ then heading back to Frog Hollow.  Glad that we were able to have a walk as an exercise and on the way we also have the opportunity to introduce our regular walk to someone new.  We do hope to see some newcomers.  Please be advised that our next walk will be at October 19 combine with the clean up activity.  Care to join us?

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Host an Inclusive Thanksgiving!

We live in a global environment, people of all shapes, sizes, creeds, needs likes and dislikes.

Thanksgiving historically has been a way to celebrate and be thankful for the fall harvest, but today it’s become the time of year to sit down with friends and family and be thankful for what you have.

Your Thanksgiving table might be as diverse as the community you live in. So whether you are inviting your neighbour down the hall who has never celebrated Thanksgiving, your gluten-free nephew or your eco-conscious best friend there are easy ways for everyone to feel welcome and at home.                  comm

Check out the quick links below for some ideas on how to deal with a variety of guests.

         Vegetarian          Vegan           Eco-conscious           Gluten Free

If you have guests from a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, chat with your guest about their home country and find out what their celebration food is and ask for suggestions.

Have a happy, safe and inclusive Thanksgiving!

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Community Neighbourhood Stories: Tot2Teen Dental

If you’ve ever walked or drove along the Hastings St. in East Vancouver area, you will see many shops along the street: coffee shops, dental clinics, pharmacy stores, banks, restaurants, etc. This day, we connected with Tot2Teen Dental (2651 E. Hastings St.) and had a chance to get to know the place as well as the staff.


Tot2Teen Dental is led by Dr. Anita Gartner. We had an appointment to interview her and she also gave us a facility tour. The office is fairly new. The displays were fancy and very modern. The atmosphere is very welcoming. “We were all so impressed by the calming ambience of the office, Anita’s undeniable kindness and of course Chloe that everyone was asking where to sign up!”, says Kailey (our volunteer blogger).

Dr. Gartner also has a little dog, named Chloe, that she brings to her office who brings us a little happiness and comfort to the patients.

Check out the video below on the interview and interactive tour at Tot2Teen Dental.

Linda, one of our senior bloggers, also had the experience of the tour. See what Linda had to say in her blog post.

MY THOUGHTS: Dr. Gartner seemed enthusiastic about meeting us and she was wonderful in answering all our questions. Now that I know there is a Pediatric Dental Office in my neighbourhood, I am thinking about taking my little one to have his dental visits with Dr. Gartner and Dr. Melanie Mattson (Orthodontist) and see how he likes it.

Stay tuned for more upcoming community stories! Check out our calendar for upcoming events and activities.

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Quote: It’s How Much We Enjoy that Makes Happiness

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness.”


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