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Wellness Connectors Training

Yesterday was the last session of our Wellness Connectors Training organized by Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House and Kiwassa Neighbourhood House.  In our training we learned about the skills of being a wellness connector and have received useful informations about local service and resources for seniors.  Many thanks to all guest speakers for their in depth explanation of their services. We have many group discussions to share our thoughts.  Our four sessions training in November all happened on rainy days but we still managed to have two community walks with our friends from Kiwassa.  We hope to see you at our Christmas Potluck Party and the Holiday Card Making Workshop too.

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Christmas Toy Suggestions


Photo Courtesy of pixel2013

Many parents and grandparents become worried at Christmas time about buying the right toys for their children. Many advertisements in the papers and on the TV promote electronic toys, computers for young children and toys with batteries. And many of these toys are expensive.

Young children, especially those under the age of six do not need electronic toys or toys that require batteries. Parent and grandparents do not need to spend a lot of money in order to purchase the best gift.

For children under the age of six, the best are toys are ones that encourage children to use exploratory play, use their hands and use their imagination. Toys that promote play with other children and adults are also good toy choices.

Don’t feel pressured to buy the most expensive toy. A toy that a young child can enjoy with the adults in their life or a sturdy toy that encourages imaginative play is often the best choice. For many young children the box that the toy comes in can be an exciting plaything.

Here is a hint from a very wise woman – my mom – Children often receive a lot of toys at Christmas. They can actually become over whelmed with choices. My mother used to put away half of the toys we received at Christmas (we never noticed!) and then in the rainy days of February or March, when we were bored, the toys would magically appear and we would have “new” toys to play with.

Here is a short list of toy suggestions for different ages and stages.

Babies – 0 to 1

• Learning to use their bodies.
• From big muscle movement to smaller muscle development. By 12 months – pincer grasp.
• Go from simple sounds such as “ma, ba” to first words. 1 word by 1 year.
• They begin to learn they are separate from their parents – separation anxiety.
• Uses all their senses. But everything must be able to go in their mouths.
• Toys:

o Rattles
o Interlocking rings
o Soft dolls and teddy bears (watch out for loose eyes and nose)
o Push and Pull toys
o Stacking blocks
o Shape sorters
o Pop up toys
o Board books

Toddlers 1 to 2 years old

• Start to walk.
• Small muscle use getting better.
• Can stack 2 or 3 items and rasp a pencil (immature grasp).
• Will start to say 5 to 10 words- two word sentences – understands 50.
• Children with two or more languages may be slower – not to worry, they catch up.
• Becomes more independent – “no” starts to appear.
• Plays alone or along side other children. Just beginning to learn to share – needs to be taught and supported.
• Toys:

o Blocks, cars/trucks, dolls, teddies, simple crafts (paper, crayons, big felts pens, play dough) riding toys, balls, simple puzzles
o Wooden blocks and blocks like Lego
o Stacking toys
o Wooden and large piece puzzles
o Dolls and toy dishes and food
o Cars, vehicles and things to put in them
o Books

Preschool age 2 to 3

• Much more control over their body.
• Can copy _____ and lines.
• Becoming more independent, can eat by self.
• Vocabulary grows – 250 to 1000 words.
• The more words they hear and practice to say, the better. Add concept words to nouns and verbs.
• Imaginative play begins.
• Can follow simple directions – 2 or 3 steps.
• Still needs adult support to share and take turns.
• Toys – all previous toys and more blocks, puzzles and books and crafts

3 to 5 years

• Enjoy large motor play, catching games, turn taking games.
• Can start to use scissors.
• Listen to stories, answer simple questions.
• Follow 3 to 4 step directions.
• Begins to understand idea of past.
• Gets interested in letters, colours and numbers.
• Toys:

o Construction toys
o Dolls and stuffed animals, doll houses
o Dress up clothes, costumes.
o Cars, play garages,
o Kitchen sets
o Puppets
o Puzzles and games
o Books, arts and crafts

6 to 10 years old

• Children are learning about social interactions, trying out new things and fantasy and pretend.
• Toys:

o Board games
o Table sports
o More elaborate construction sets
o Science and arts and crafts sets

• A great website is the Canadian Toy Testing Council.

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Support For Our Holiday Hamper Program

holiday-hamper-supportDear Community Member,

We are seeking community support for our Holiday Hamper program. For more than a decade, we have provided support and much needed cheer to at least 40 families in our community each holiday season.

Since 2009, we have seen increasing challenges for a wide spectrum of our community members. This includes a general increase in the number of families and new immigrant families in need of support (food, clothing, and access to services) as well as annual increases in the number of families experiencing more significant barriers.

More specifically, we have seen an increase in the number of adults and children experiencing poverty. We regularly provide meat and bread/produce to low income families in our area, and have a long waiting list for this program. Many people are the working poor, while others are not able to work because of disabilities or other issues. Some are in very tenuous situations and are on the verge of homelessness.

The Vancouver Chinese Evangelical Free Church has generously agreed to partner with Frog Hollow to facilitate the hamper project. The church will assemble and provide a physical hamper for each family identified, with a food store gift card for families. This is a social justice project and we appreciate the generosity of this local organization in providing much needed help to make this happen.

We hope that you can support this project by giving cash, cheque, gift card donation or making a donation to the Frog Hollow Website www.froghollow.bc.ca the deadline for donations is December 9th.

If you would like to donate to Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, please address your cheque to the Holiday Hamper Program, and address your envelope to the following:

Attention Gladis Rivera
Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House
2131 Renfrew Street
Vancouver, B.C. V5M 4M5
Tel: 604 251 1225

All Donations of any kind dropped off at Frog Hollow will receive a tax receipt.
Drop off: 9 -5pm Monday to Friday

These funds will go directly to families identified by Frog Hollow as a gift card. Any donations made after this point will go directly to providing emergency food to families over the months of December and January.

We thank you for your ongoing support of our program and wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

Diane Wilmann
Director of Family and Senior’s programs
Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House
Phone: 604.251.1225 Fax: 604.254.3764


For more information contact Eva Aboud at eva[at]froghollow[dot]bc[dot].ca


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East Van Panto: Little Red Riding Hood

Yesterday afternoon we all walking in the rain to York Theatre to see the play.  It is not what you may think of the story about the little girl in a red cape but plays in a rather interesting way about the East Vancouver neighbourhood.  Thank you Manda for taking some photos before the show.  It is quite dark inside the theatre but you can still see our happy face. Thank you ‘The  Cultch’ for donated the tickets to our seniors program.  We have a great time.


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Fun Day In Yaletown

Though it was raining yesterday but we have a fun afternoon in Yaletown.  A time full of Christmas Spirit.  There was live music and street performers, visit with Santa and the Ice Queen, ice carving.  We love candy making and horse carriage ride.

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Eastside Culture Crawl

This year marks the 20th annual anniversary of the event but it is the first year that I have attended.  There has so many eye-catching displays on painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, glass blowing, pottery, furniture making, metalwork, leatherwork, jewellery, weaving and fashion.  There are over five hundred talent artist show their exhibitions on eighty building in four days.  I went to one yesterday and just on Parker Street Studios I have spent more than three hours there and no time to see any more because it opens till 6:00pm.  The artists are very nice and they love to tell their stories.  They like to share with you their idea, passion and experience of their work.  For instance I have shown interest and admire a painting of the sea and things under the sea.  The painter said she scoop dive under the sea and get the idea of this painting.  There is one more day for the exhibition today I hope you will not miss this.  It really worth a visit.  Thank you Manda for your time being a guide yesterday afternoon.

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Preservation? Easy as apple pie!

This gallery contains 2 photos.

A wonderful time canning apples, quince and roasted peppers, Thank you Lisa for showing us the way…..in fact you really made it simple. Took the fear out of preserving. I loved the roasting of the peppers on the gas stove, … Continue reading

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National Philanthropy Day: The Beauty of Giving Back

the-beauty-of-giving-back-frog-hollow-vancouver-v3Today is National Philanthropy Day. It’s a day to celebrate generosity and kindness, so I think this is a perfect day to ponder the beauty of giving back, to your community, to causes that are important to you and to the world in general.

There are many beautiful things about altruism. I think it demonstrates that as human beings we are capable of great depths of selflessness and care for others. It is linked to empathy and love for our fellow man. Philanthropy challenges us to honor the inherent goodness that dwells within each and every human heart.

There are very real and tangible benefits to having a philanthropic outlook on life. The effects of giving back can be felt in truly definite ways. I wanted to share 4 of the ones I value the most with you.

Giving back:

Builds and strengthens relationships within our community.

A community is built on relationships. When there is community involvement in the way of giving back and volunteering relationships are strengthened, trust is built, people feel safe, and goodwill is cultivated.

Fosters friendship, kindness, caring, and compassion.

The beautiful thing about these four acts is that each one encourages more of it’s kind. Friendship, kindness, caring, and compassion, each one can change a person’s day, alter the entire trajectory of a person’s life, and sometimes, even save a life.

Inspires Gratitude.

More and more we hear about engaging in the act of daily gratitude and it’s influence on our day to day lives. Gratitude is powerful. Gratitude given for a kindness shown goes far beyond a simple ‘thank you’ or a grateful smile. Gratitude can inspire someone to make a difference in the world all because someone had the heart to help them and lend a hand when it was needed.

Nurtures Happiness.

Plain and simple. It just feels good to give back. Seeing the good it does and the joy it brings to others is a true gift. And happiness is directly linked to longevity and physical and mental health. Isn’t that a great thing?

At Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, volunteering and giving back is a vital cornerstone of the work done within the warmth of its doors. In a lot of ways it is the heart of our East Vancouver community. Without a place like this, one that is built on the core belief of philanthropy, there are many community programs that wouldn’t be possible. Everything from the programs for children and families, women and new immigrants, to the weekly Vegetable Rescue, Food Security, and the yearly Pumpkin Patch would not exist without philanthropy.

So enjoy National Philanthropy Day today and think about all the beautiful ways giving back makes this world a wonderful place to live. What ways do you give back? What benefits do you see from giving from the goodness of our hearts?❤




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know about Bell’s palsy

You might think you’re strong because you seldom take medication, hardly get sick like such as cold and fever. Or, you might think you’re healthy because you have normal diet and regular daily life. However, you would be very mistaken because you might get affected by Bell’s palsy:<

Bell’s palsy carrier has paralysis on one side of his/her face.  He/she has trouble in raising eyebrow and wrinkling forehead. He/she can hardly close one eye completely and has drooping of one eye and one corner of his/her mouths. Because of faint movement on the muscle, he/she has trouble in speaking, smiling and eating. Also, because one eye keeps opening long time, it can dry out and get damaged.


In a summery, one side of face is frozen!!!  The inconveniences really weight.

But there is always hope. The good news is there are 80%-90% chance to get recovered. The earlier treatment is received (the best time is within 72 hour as Bell’s palsy starts), the higher rate of chance to get completely back to normal. So, go to see a doctor right away once you feel numb on you lips or cheek, or when you find out you can’t close one eye.

Util now it is only known that an infection with a virus on the face nerve causes Bell’s palsy. Or, it might be pressure causes immune system low so that a virus easily attacks the nerve. As result, keeping yourself positive and active is helpful for treatment. Patience is necessary. It might takes three weeks to up to six months to get better when Bell’s palsy starts. Oh, one more important news to be added: aside to take medication, Chinese herb and acupuncture deserve big help in the progress of recovery.

Actually Bell’s palsy is very common in different age groups. It happens suddenly. What we can do is to keep ourselves physical strong and know how to get out of pressure. Also, remember to wear covering in a windy raining season, believe it or not.


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To Remember on Remembrance Day

To remember the years when there were wars in our world

To honor those people who have fought for peace

Today, we all together came to Victory Square to remember the history, every year, every year

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