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VanDusen Botanical Garden


Though it was a very hot day yesterday on August 24th.  Everyone enjoyed the visit with the aid of the tour guides from VanDusen Garden.  The two lovely ladies explain it in details of the story behind and we have more time to tour around after that one hour guided tour.  This is the last trip of the four through the inspiration pass.  I do hope all the participants have a nice time.  Do you all fun?

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UBC Museum of Anthropology

We visited the Museum of Anthropology on Monday, August 22nd.  There was so much to see.  We all wish we could have more time for it.  The travelling time on the bus took one and a half hour there and one and a half hour back but it is worth it.

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UBC Botanical Garden

August 19 to start our second trip to UBC Botanical Garden where we enjoyed looking at beautiful flowers in the garden and walking in the wood.

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Hastings Community Walk

On August 17 the Hastings Community Walk was held at Clinton Park.  The day started with kids making cardboard Chinese lion heads then followed by a wonderful lion dance performance and teachings of a simple lion dance steps by the Hon Hsing Athletic Club.  A walk around the community was led and booths of multicultural events along the walk was presented by some members of the youth skills program.  Lastly, there was a multicultural lunch with different cuisines ordered from the Hastings Sunrise area.  (Photos taken by Raymond Wong)

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Museum of Vancouver

with the inspiration pass we were able to plan four out trips on public transit for the seniors.  The first trip was to the Museum of Vancouver and H.R. MacMillan Space Centre on August 18.  It was quite an experience for Monica and me to take a total of six seniors to visit the place.

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Vancouver Chinatown Festival 2016

Did you go to the Festival that held on August 13 & 14?  There are many performance on dancing and singing.  It is very enjoyable.

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A day at Burnaby Swangard Stadium

There was a grand opening ceremony at the Stadium on Sunday, July 31st to celebrate the 2016 Chinese Culture Heritage Festival and the 8th Vancouver Water-Splashing Festival. Though it was my first time going to the event, the weather was lovely to be  at the open for us to enjoy one full day non-stop performance on stage.

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40th Annual Powell Street Festival

The event was held at July 30th and 31st.  We went to the one on Saturday, July 30 to celebrate the Japanese arts and culture.  After the opening ceremony in Oppenheimer Park we were busy walking between Powell Street and Jackson Avenue to watch live performance and martial arts held there.  There were many beautiful arts and crafts displayed too.  We have also joined the walking tour to learn more of the history.  We have a delicious lunch there so as to enjoy the full day event.


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Caribbean Days Festival


We went to the Caribbean Days Festival on July 23rd Saturday in North Vancouver.  It was a hot day and also very crowded.  My granddaughters had a lot of fun, we all got tattoos on our arms.

by May Lee

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Our Lovely Gardens

Summer is finally here!  Check the amazing flowers and vegetables grew in our gardens.  We are so proud of them!

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