Yesterdays Seeds, Tomorrows Harvest

I attempted to save seeds once again. This time it was those beautiful sweet delicious ruby red cherry tomatoes from a plant that I purchased from an organic store last year. The tomato plant grew like crazy, it was really challenging to harvest the tomatoes because it was just so big! It took over half the garden! Probably because I planted two plants side-by-side.

Buckets of tomatoes grew, I got sooo much out of it. They were just always delicious all summer long, right into the end of October, at that point is when I decided to save some seeds. This is how.

I cut open a couple of the cherry tomatoes and spread the seeds out on a paper towel and got rid of the gel the best I could. I waited till they were very very thoroughly dry.
I folded the napkin and put it in a Ziploc bag and labelled it and stored it in a wooden drawer that actually sits on top of the fridge.
Next I mixed potting soil with mushroom manure and see soil and placed it in a seed starter makeshift tray, the plastic trays are coming from a green salad mix container that I decided to reuse the container.
I gently tore bits of paper towel with a seed attached, push them into the soil with the fat end of a pencil and then water.
Let’s wait and see what happens. I so hope that those luscious tomatoes will take root and sprout so that we can all enjoy the harvestđź’š

Happy gardening everyone and remember when you plant your seeds and it does not grow it is not a reflection on you! You are always a gardener, born a gardener, if what you sow does not grow-well then it’s gotta mean its just a bad seed. Try again and again.

Gardening is experiential, it’s never perfect, not ever, take risks and watch the magic grow!

love eva

About Eva

Eva Aboud is a community outreach /food security coordinator. She has worked at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House since 2004. And is very passionate about her work. She loves the Frog Hollow community and continues to learn and connect with people from not just the neighbourhood but from all over the world! Also a Blogger at The Power Of Positive Change
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