What Is Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House?

This is a blog by the Frog Hollow community.

Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House is an innovative, dynamic non-profit organization that works to empower our Vancouver Eastside community (BC Canada) through a wide-range of community programs and services. While we welcome everyone, we focus on: disadvantaged, low-income families with young children; preteen and high school youth vulnerable to social isolation and bullying; street-involved young people with multiple barriers to employment; isolated seniors.

We build on the strengths of the people in our community so that they can learn ways to overcome the challenges in their lives. We also facilitate interaction and support between people to help increase cultural understanding and develop a strong social network that makes community efforts for change more effective.

We aim to build leadership ability in our neighbours, our staff, our volunteers. This kind of leadership is about ordinary people with a vision – however small or big – for something better. It’s about creating real, tangible benefits: from building a community garden to parents teaching parents how to cook healthy, low-cost meals; from making the neighbourhood a safer place to decreasing the amount of garbage we create; from reducing online bullying for preteens and youth to saving a local elementary school from closure. We are a place to feel safe and belong, to be inspiring and innovative, and where opportunities abound to get involved in creating our community and hope for a better tomorrow.

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