Frog Hollow Bloggers: Choose your own adventure

Have you seen a “choose your own adventure” book? My son Harry enjoyed them a few years ago. You get to make decisions about what you would do at certain points in the story. “If you want to chase the savage dinosaur into the jungle, turn to page 72. If you want to go home for a nice cup of tea and go to bed, turn to page 45.”


This is a list of blogging challenges- you can “choose your own adventure” by challenging yourself with new story-telling skills and ideas.

Blogging challenges:
These start easy and get harder.

Comment on someone else’s post.
Write a text-only post.
Write a post and link to another website.
Write a post and add a photo.
Tell a story with photos and only one line of text per photo.
Find a video clip and “embed” it in a post.

Some story ideas:
Write a review of something you watched with your children.
Describe what you learned at a Frog Hollow workshop or event (or in the neighbourhood, or Vancouver.)
Find a video clip of a movie you loved as a teenager and tell the story of the first time you saw it.
What is your favourite, free activity to do on a rainy day with your children?
Your favourite family outing in Vancouver?
Share a story about a favourite recipe (and the recipe!)
What do you want to know more about? What are you enjoying learning about?
What’s a home remedy or tradition you use to heal yourself?
Describe a place you find beautiful close to your home.

Do you have any suggestions? Add them to the comments here.

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