Memories of the Summer and Food Security Initiatives

  SPARC BC providing us with fresh local farm produce out at Clinton Park!

Getting ready to allocate to many seniors and families.

 See that man in the picture, he is the Farmer!

I cant believe how fresh all the veggies are!

Happy Seniors:)

SPARC BC came to Frog Hollow too.


Great Recipes on how to make the veggie they received.



Serving 50 bags of produce to our seniors!

Thank you SPARC BC!!

We love you!


A kale workshop at Clinton Park with the youth. They were awesome! Really interested in their health and how to make a tasty salad or smoothie with the kale….yes! King Of Vegetables!

Pre-teens Bbq some of their harvest at their outdoor event.



Canning workshop, learning how to preserve rescued veggies!

Busy hands at work

Just so much fun!

Peach Jam and Sauerkraut

A nature walk with Lori Snyder

sSo much to learn about our local plants and their medicinal uses!

  The best time in the summer was our youth!

You helped with so many things…in the park, in the garden, cooking, packing seeds, making smoothies. 

You guys Rock!


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Youth at work preparing Summer Veggie Fun from rescued produce!

 Preparations of rescued produce were made weekly by our volunteer youth, serving families and children at our Frogs in the Park program over the summer.


Their smiles and dedication made such a difference!

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Art in the Park


Our wonderful and creative youth used nature to add to the water color paintings they did with young children at Frogs in the Park.

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Frogs in the Park

We were at Clinton park every Tuesday! 

What do we have here? Check this out, Veggies provided by Spark BC.

Seeds give away, did you know you can plant in august, come down and get your seeds! I have kale, lettuce, carrots and more!

See you next Tuesday!

Tomorrow we will be at Sunrise park.












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Collective Art Fun at Clinton Park

Come and join us at Clinton Park tomorrow to have fun to create Art for ‘Before the Sunrise’ to share stories and memories of the Hastings Sunrise community.  There are three days event Art fun on July 31, Aug. 14 and Aug. 28 at 10:30 am – 12:00pm.  This Art project will be showcased sometimes  October.

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CAPC Conference

Iza’s flower art with natural paints.

A true artist!

img_3481  So Beautiful!

All the colors were extracted from flower petals!


This is Lucelle, introducing Augmented Reality!!!

    So very Cool!
Information on child safety was the theme, it was incredible and so informative!

  Jacqueline showed us how to make our own bath salts and body scrubs. everything was made from our kitchen cupboards and all natural. They all smelled great with essential oils added to them!!

img_3510 Lucia on the far right we have  ,   is an amazing cook and shared her delicious dessert LECHE FLAN , Below is her recipe!leche flanCapture

There was so much More!

img_3487 Jennie guided us through a relaxation session!

plant-walk1-001.jpg  Lori Snyder took many on a  wonderful Nature Walk!


Were shown how to Navigate to the VCH Food Asset Map By Kyra. So much to learn!


And there is so much more to add and say just not enough photos taken but would like to say The day was amazing and our parents are so skilled at sharing and connecting our resources.

A perfect day indeed!


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Sunrise Summer Kick Off

Did you attend the event?  There were many useful resource to receive also many games to play for a prize as well as entertainment for you to enjoy.  Kids had fun playing hockey there too!  Frog Hollow had hand out many informations with regard to their summer program, also exhibit the outreach tricycle on the day which caught a big attention to others even Jenny Kwan had a go on it.

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Aboriginal Day in the Family Drop In

Three sister soup in the making! A yummy traditional indigenous soup!

Made with butternut squash, green beans, corn, potatoes, some soup broth, a little pepper, and a whole lot of love. You can find the recipe here.


While the soup was being prepared by our amazing volunteers, the parents and children play in the drop-in anticipating the nutritious and healthy soup and a story time read by Lea LaBerge and Maria Helena. The Indigenous story of The Raven captivated the audience of children ages 0-6 to celebrate this very special day.

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Story Gathering Sessions

Exploring Stories of the Hastings-Sunrise Area

Be a part of this collective social art project by sharing your stories and memories of the Hastings-Sunrise area. We will discuss pre and post settlement history, changes in the neighbourhood and its impacts on our lives. Stories gathered will be expressed in a collaborative art project created by community members such as yourselves.

Story Gathering Sessions: Thursdays, May 17th, 31st and June 14th from 12:30pm to 2:00pm.

Come to one or come to all! Event located at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, 2131 Renfrew St. Light refreshments will be provided.

For more information, contact Gloria at 604.251.1225 Ext.245 or email

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2018 Good Neighbours Award

Last night (May 3rd, 2018) was the Good Neighbours Award event hosted by ANHBC (Association of Neighbourhood Houses). It was a fun and eventful evening. Congratulations to all the award recipients and we thank them for their commitment and contributions to the community.


The GNA goes to the Bloggers and Senior’s Computer Support Team: Jennie Yuen, Kyra Dawson, Linda Tsang, May Lee, and Monica Louie.

This wonderful group of volunteers have contributed countless numbers of hours towards the Community Connections Blog and the Senior’s Computer Class. The Blog/Computer team are an inspiratuional and motivating group of women that share their expertise with social media tips and safety measures to the online world.

The Youth GNA Award goes to Celine Co.

Celine has been a youth volunteer at FHNH for the last three years and has put over 200 hours. She has demonstrated the ability to maintain a positive attitued, be a strong mentor, has the ability to lead a group, and continues to support people in the community.

The Corporate GNA goes to Renfrew Care Centre.

Renfrew Care Centre has been involved with FHNH for at least 10 years. On numerous occasions, they have supported us with space to run the Family Caregiver Support group and guidance to the caregivers and seniors needs. In addition, joint projects such as the Senior Art Project in 2015 left us a memorable piece of artwork that marked a time of collaboration and community.

With gratitude, we continue our relationship with Renfrew Care Centre and appreciate their open welcoming from Debbie Mitchell, Recreational Manager, and all the staff and employees. Their ongoing support with the Engaging Abundant Community is very much appreciated and we look forward to building stronger connections.


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