Planting Magic Beans

Children gathered at the gardeners hangout to plant some beans that had been soaking over night. Its not really the right time of year to plant beans but with our crazy weather and weird start of seasons we thought we take a chance. Each child planted a bean and labelled each bean with their name so that when they visit the garden at Clinton Park, they can care for their plant on their own on the days the Gardeners Hangout is not there….all it needs is a cup of water. However the kale and herbs are growing nicely:)  Can’t wait to see what happened since we planted last Wednesday!

Oh! Did I mention we waved an imaginary magic wand and sung “Abracadabra, bibbity bobbity boo, make these beans grow big and tall for me and you!

No doubt they will really grow now! See you tomorrow!


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Recipe exchange tasting party

This Monday our seniors held a recipe exchange party at Frog Hollow.  We have a total of 25 different dishes to share.  It was fun and yummy.  We do hope the recipe can be used in the near future.

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Community Slow Walk – Piano Day

This morning our regular walker leaving Frog Hollow at 10:00am then proceed to Clinton Park to join some more that has been waiting there as our destination is to Hastings where the piano stands (an Intergeneration project).  Someone was playing the piano already when we get so we waited for our turns.  We have quite a show there.

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Dance Gathering

Joey and May has applied small grant this year to provide healthy exercise and eating to connect the neighbourhood especially to those interested in learning how to dance.  They all have fun dancing in Clinton Park.  The first gathering on July 10 and the second one July 17.

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Museum of Anthropology

May and Suzy has taken four out trips with the seniors with the inspiration pass this summer.  The first one to Museum of Vancouver, second one to the Chinese Garden, the third one to Museum of Anthropology and last one to VanDusen Botanical Garden.  I am lucky to join them  on the third trip on July 14 to MOA and have time to Nitobe Garden too.  We all have a good time because there are so much to see.

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Volunteer inspiration

I had a vision of a great entertainment end to our volunteer dinner event and thats just what happened!

Kevin Saffar rapped about community connections, keeping the love and our respondibility to help eachother and make a difference. He was awesome and his words really resonated with the youth. The best part was he managed to pull that all tgether in a few hours. Talk about passion and inspiration not only were we delighted, Kevin was extactic to provide!

Thank you everybody, i’m so grateful to your contrubutions, we cannot operate with out YOU!!

Our youngest volunteers Nariah and Heather💓

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Frog Hollow Summer Program

Come and have fun with us in Clinton Park this summer.  Frog Hollow’s summer program Frog in the Park starts July 18 from 9:30 am – 12:00 pm.  Have fun on piñata bash.  We have lots of activities for everyone.  Also please be advised our new timetable for the community slow walk too.

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Community Walk

We walked to Van Tech today to look at the community garden and on the way we stopped at May Lee’s garden.  We have looked at so many local grown produce today.  In Van Tech we are told they sold their produce in the market in Main Street and also in Trout Lake Farmers Market too.  Please note our next walk will be on July 26 and  start at 10:00am – 12:00pm.  Looking forward to see you then!

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Caregivers Support Group

Last night was the last session for the second cycle of caregivers support group.  It was a potluck evening, participants brought so many delicious dishes to share with.  During this six sessions we share caregiving experience also have an opportunity to socialize and receive useful advice and resources.  We also have guest speakers on topics regarding financial matters and brain health.  Last night we have fun painting on rocks.

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National Aboriginal Day

We have a special walk today to Trout Lake.  It is the National Aboriginal Day.  There are so many entertainment to enjoy, games to play to win a prize also food to taste.  We all enjoy the day.

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