Frog Hollow Caregiver Support Group

Wednesday March 8 was the last of the six sessions on Caregiver Support Group hosted by Frog Hollow.  With the support from Renfrew Care Centre, the event was able to hosted at the location.  This is part of the CAI (Community Action Initiative Project) as a support group for the caregivers of the family,relatives and friends provided very useful education and training on how to deal with stress and self care for caregivers.  Also useful information on maintaining a healthy lifestyles (nutrition and exercise) so as to maintain good mental health. There are also useful resource, support and services in the community.  I am interested to learn more about dementia/Alzheimer’s disease.  Thankful to the caregivers willing to share their experience.  The last session was a Potluck evening, not just to share delicious food together  we also shared feelings, thoughts and advice with one another.  We have fun on the reusable bag by doing some drawings and colouring on it.  We enjoyed the ten minutes ‘chair’ yoga with Gloria at the end of the sessions too.  Thank you to all the participants.

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Lea’s Last Day at Frog Hollow

Many of you may know or have met Lea Laberge. She is the Family Resource and Drop-In Coordinator at Frog Hollow. Today, March 9th, 2017 was her last day. I know it’s sad for us to see her go, but she is moving on, taking a break, and perhaps finding other opportunities.

I remembered when I brought my son to the Drop-In Program when he was just a toddler and then preschooler. Seems like not so long ago. As the years passed, I decided to volunteer my time at the Neighbourhood House and it had helped me grow with the community. It was such great pleasure to get to know Lea and had an amazing experience working with her.

We hope to see Lea again soon around Frog Hollow NH.

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International Women’s Day Potluck Celebration [Recap]

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8th. It is the celebration on the movement for women’s rights.

Last night, we celebrated with several women just hanging out and having fun; talking to each other and listening to our stories. Sorry for the bad quality photos; I was using a mobile for these pics (and the room was dim).

Photo 2017-03-08, 7 51 08 PM

We had board games to play, slideshow to watch, and also a violinist friend to play some cool music for us. I brought my little one along. He really enjoyed playing the Jenga game.

We had amazing food, salad and pizza to share.

Eva even prepared some fresh kale smoothie for each of us. It was so delicious and healthy! Thanks Eva (aka the queen of kale)!

At the second batch, we had the added frozen blueberries. That’s why you see a mix of the green and the purple colours.

Photo 2017-03-08, 7 40 41 PM

A little gift that all of us received (a beautiful quote) below.

Photo 2017-03-08, 8 38 56 PM

If you missed our celebration, we hope you can join us the next time.

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About our community walk

I am one of the leaders leading our regular community “slow” walk.  We have handed out invitations together with treats – apple chips, also giving out Frog Hollow magnets and sunflower seeds distributed door to door to introduce our walk.  Our goal is to out reach the seniors particularly to those living alone to connect them to the community.  To keep them in touch and be informed.  In fact everyone is welcome if you care for a walk.  We do our walks every alternate Wednesday rain or shine.  Leaving Frog Hollow at 12:30pm and walk for one and half  to two hours depends on the route we have taken with the help of the FH community asset map.  Many seniors express they  do not wish to go out for a walk alone but happy to go out for a walk with a group to enjoy the sun (on a sunny day) get some fresh air and be able to chat together to share knowledge and ideas.  Also to look at beautiful houses and plants on the way.  This is a good way to build up friendship and a good exercise to stay healthy.  Most of our walks are going to the neighbourhood parks.  We have been to Kalso Park, Beaconfield Park, Sunrise Park, Garden Park, Clinton Park and Hastings Park.  At one event we walked with teams from Hastings Sunrise Community Policing to Clinton Park and do the clean up there.  We have a good work out on the day and helping the community too. You can see our walks through the blog.  So please come and join us for a walk at Frog Hollow.  It is a good way to know your neighbourhood to stay healthy and you are not alone.  We have a walk today, please stay behind after the walk for a survey , give us your feedback and thought about the walk.  There are food and prize draw during the survey.

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Somebody Please Tell Winter…

When spring can’t come soon enough.



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The Wonderful Things We Love About Spring


It won’t be long now. There’s change in the air and in the light of the sunshine as it begins to warm up. Soon winter will loosen its grip upon our beautiful city of Vancouver and the wonders of Spring will bloom into life.

The wonderful things we love about spring don’t have to be huge or anything you can hold in your hand. It can be a feeling or a sound or a smell. It can be the excitement you feel when you see the wonder of the world wake up from a long winter’s slumber. Or it can be the joy new life brings, or the hope all new beginnings hold within our hearts.

When I think about Spring, the feeling I feel the most is the warmth of life and how precious it is. It brings me such happiness just to witness how beautiful this place that we share can be. Here are a handful of things about spring that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Odes To Spring






Bumblebees & Honey Bees


Crocus Flowers




Blue Butterflies


Cherry Blossoms and Trees In Bloom


They say in spring that love is in the air. If that is true then I’d like to believe that kindness and compassion for yourself and others is in the air too. So as the first day of spring gradually approaches later this March, what do you think about? What new beginnings and ideas do you have dancing in your mind’s eye?

Is this the year you plan to finally clean out your clutter? To start that garden and test out your green thumb? To start eating more local fresh fruits and vegetables? Are you welcoming a new member to your family? Do you plan to volunteer?

How does springtime inspire you? How does it make you feel? What are some of the wonderful things YOU love about spring? Are they on this list? Share your favorite spring things with us in the comments and enjoy waiting for the arrival of a new season.


All of Us at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House ❤


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Our Girl Power Playlist Celebrating International Women’s Day


In honor of International Women’s Day on Wednesday, March 8th we thought it would be a lot of fun to put together a Girl Power Playlist. The theme of course being songs that celebrate women.

Here’s a few of the songs we thought made the cut, but the fun doesn’t stop there. We want to know what songs YOU would put on this playlist.

Want to add your favorite song to our Girl Power Playlist celebrating International Women’s Day on YouTube? Keep reading to find out how.

Here are a few of our picks just to get you started:


“Fight Song” by Rachel Platten


“Fighter” by Christina Aguilera



“Let It Go” by Idina Menzel



nina-simone-feeling-good“Feeling Good” by Nina Simone


“RESPECT” BY Aretha Franklin


“I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor


“Give Me One Reason” by Tracy Chapman



“Roar” by Katy Perry


“I Am Woman” by Helen Reddy


Do you recognize any of these songs? Are any of them your own personal girl power anthem? What songs would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add your favorite song to our playlist, so be sure to check out our Girl Power Playlist on our YouTube Channel.

We hope you’ll come and join us on Wednesday, March 8th when we celebrate International Women’s Day here at Frog Hollow NH with our Pot Luck dinner. There’ll be music and dancing and food and it’s going to be so much fun. 🙂



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2017 Women’s Day Celebration Pot Luck

Every year on March 8th the world celebrates International Womens’ Day. This is a global event recognizing equality for women and the achievements of women in social, economic, cultural and political endeavors.

It’s also a day for reflection and consideration for anyone and everyone who cares about human rights and values all the efforts of people everywhere who are working towards unity, both on the world stage and right here in our communities.

Here at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House we’ll be joining in the festivities with our 2017 Women’s Day Celebration Pot Luck Dinner. There will be lots to do so come and join us and be merry and celebrate this wonderful day.


We hope to see you there as we celebrate women with our global family.

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Community Walk

Thank you to all participants taking the walk today.  The rain cannot stop us from walking, we walk the same route as our last walk on February 1st.  Leaving Frog Hollow at 12:30pm walk from Renfrew then turn to 4th Ave. E to Slocan to Clinton Park.  We do not stay at the park for a chat due to the rain but we stop at Frog Hollow on our return trip instead.  Please be advised that our next walk will be on Wednesday March 1st at 12:30pm after the walk please stay behind for a survey in related to our community walk.  There are also food and prize draw after the walk and survey.

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Lunar New Year Seniors’ Art Showcase [Photos & Recap]


Lunar New Year Seniors’ Art Showcase (on Thursday, February 9,2017) was an amazing event that featured art and crafts from our fellow senior participants. To get audiences interested and get interactive, comment jars are placed at each table. Spectators were also able to vote for their favorite type of art by placing a coloured dot on the sheets provided at each table.

See below the type of art and descriptions:


Gum drawings are made with “drawing gum,” which is a peelable rubber solution for the creation of artworks using ink, watercolour, pencil crayons, as well as varnishes and fixatives.


This canvas painting was created by various participants, including adults, youth, and seniors. Each square piece is individually painted by different people and connected together as a puzzle piece showing the Frog Hollow name.


White cloths and indigo dye were used in this project. The designs were created with rubber bands, marbles, popsicle sticks, and other objects that give it the effect. Folding and twisting the cloth before placing in the dye will also create unique designs.



The mosaic tile art is made using small tiles and clay. Seniors get creative with various patterns using various tile colours.



Clay art is used with blocks of slightly wet clay and moulded into shapes and designs. After the clay is dried, the work can be painted for a nice colourful look.


The flag designs were made using shapes from cut out vegetables, fruits and dab into paint to create fun designs.


The event also featured a live performance of line dancing as well as Yoga Movement.

For more photos, click on the unique link to see the FULL gallery –

Photos by Jennie Yuen.


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