Helping Hands …Winter Garden

Winter Kale

On Thursday we had lots of little helping hands putting in seedlings for our winter garden. Eva Aboud, from Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House and one of the leaders for Frogs in the Park- a program run by Frog Hollow, showed the children how to plant a seedling. Every child (some with parents helping) that planted a seedling wrote their name on a stick and placed it beside the one that they planted.

The child (with parent) will take care of it for the rest of the summer when they come to Frogs in the Park and hopefully they will come to visit it in the fall and winter and be able to harvest some leaves from it for their families

Collard Green seedlings beside the Romaine Lettuce

Some of the seedlings we planted were, another variety of kale, collard greens and purple Brussels sprouts

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