Vegi’s, Vegi’s and More Vegi’s


Our little tiny Okra that we thought wasn’t going to do! Okra usually grows anywhere from 3-6 feet or more, ours…well it has struggled this year with the cold and then found itself dwarfed by the tomato plant that outgrew it very fast. But did it give up…NO! It decided to put out some very tiny fruit, not that it will be edible but it needs to reproduce. Go little okra…maybe we can even get some tiny seeds :D.

Japanese Eggplant

Another plant that was doubted because it was very slow growing and still quite small compared to other Japanese Eggplants. Our little plants are showing those who doubt. They are like the little train that could. I cheer them on every time I see them. Yeah!


Our cucumber plant is producing now and children at the Frogs in the Park have gotten the opportunity to taste a bit. We are hoping there will be lots in time for the Harvest festival for our big community salad!

Romaine Lettuce

The Romaine is doing well. Another one we are growing lots for our community salad at the Harvest festival


We are hoping that enough of the tomatoes ripen and don’t get taken out of the garden before the Harvest Festival.


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