Just Press Send

Frog Hollow Food Security Program Impact Story “Just Press Send” By Eva Aboud

2022 October This is a story about a Frog Hollow’s neighbour who wanted to reach out for food support but was reluctant to ask. Once she did, a connection was made and her life turned for the better. The story goes like this, via email:

“Dear Eva, Greetings! I live in the near Frog Hollow. I’m a new university graduate and I am trying to find a permanent job. While I have a part-time job, the living cost (rent, phone bill, groceries, etc.) puts my earnings in a tight budget. I try to look out for discounts and coupons in local grocery stores, but there is only so much I can do to reduce the grocery spending without sacrificing my health. I wonder if I can get some support from your Emergency Food Bags program. And if yes, how should I proceed with the application? Thank you very much! Signed “your neighbour”

Hi Neighbour! I totally understand your food needs. I can help you with an emergency food bag, it consists of a little of everything. Can you come by on Tuesday? If that day does not work out, we can figure another time that does. Please confirm. Best, eva

“Hi Eva, Honestly, I was hesitant at first. My initial email has sat in the draft box for three weeks before I finally gained the courage to press the sent button. Thank you very much for being very responsive and kind!  See you then!

Hi Neighbour, Perfect! Never be shy nor reluctant or hesitant to ask for food, everybody, absolutely everybody has the right to secure food. Good for you for reaching out to me. See you Tuesday! Eva

“ Dear Eva, Thank you very much for the help! Not only for the food, but also for your accepting me gently. I just finished my studies three months ago. Currently I am doing part-time jobs to support myself. My priority is to find a permanent job and firmly stand on my own feet. I feel fortunate that I reached out to you and the Frog Hollow. Now I feel re-energized to continue on the job-hunting journey. Please keep me posted of the community events and/or what I can help in the Frog Hollow. Have a great evening? Warm regards.“

This neighbour continued to write to let me know that she is doing well and that she is now working at a local institute as an instructor!

She was thankful to be connected to Frog Hollow through our monthly electronic newsletters and other resources and be connected to the community. She then offered her services to volunteer to help to Follow Hollow at different events & programs.

This story has an impact on so many levels.

It shows me that everyone is on their way to somewhere and just need a little support no matter what walks of life they come from.

Connections in the community foster a web of support when we need it and creates a ripple effect throughout the neighbourhood and city.

As an outreach worker I am impacted by this neighbour’s bravery and honesty and opens my heart for more connections. 💜

About Eva

Eva Aboud is a community outreach /food security coordinator. She has worked at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House since 2004. And is very passionate about her work. She loves the Frog Hollow community and continues to learn and connect with people from not just the neighbourhood but from all over the world! Also a Blogger at The Power Of Positive Change https://thepowerofpositivechange.com/
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