Anti-Racism Resources: Together Let’s End Hate

The Coronavirus disease has changed the world as we know it. It can be difficult to know what to expect. Working together to ensure social distancing and protecting those most at risk is one way we can work together to get through this pandemic. Another way to stand together against Covid-19 is to identify racism when it happens and take a stand against it by denouncing hateful actions. To help our community we’ve shared some Anti-Racism resources. Together let’s end hate.

Here are some facts and information about identifying racism and some tips to help you take action.

Emerging Trends

Here are some statistics and emerging trends for Covid-19 Anti-Asian Racism in Canda:

covid-19-anti-asian-racism-in-canada-emerging-trends.pngDownload the PDF:

Covid-19 Anti-Asian Racism In Canada Emerging Trends

Responding to Anti-Asian Racism – Calls To Action

Here are some things you can do in response to Anti-Asian racism and help put an end to hate and support those being targeted:

responding-to-anti-asian-racism-calls-to-action.pngDownload the PDF;

Responding To Anti-Asian Racism Calls To Action

Emerging Trends and Call To Action via project 1907. Learn more about project 1907.


Let’s End Hate

ccpc-lets-end-hate-flyer-1.pngccpc-lets-end-hate-flyer-2.pngLet’s End Hate Anti-Racism Resources via Chinese Community Policing Centre

Download the PDFs:

CCPC Lets End Hate Flyer 1

CCPC Lets End Hate Flyer 2

We acknowledge that racism is real, including the micro-aggressions and misinformation surfacing around Covid-19. If you find the information in these Anti-Racism resources helpful please pass them on to someone you know it could help.

Stay safe and stay healthy. Together we can create a brighter, kinder future.

Read the ANHBC Statement and find out more about how Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House is committed to fighting for social justice.


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