Emergency food bags on their way!

Pulling whatever resources I have together to create food bags for families in need. It’s really tough right now for everyone, loss of jobs, difficult for single moms to get to the store without someone watching their children, So difficult for Seniors to get to the market and carry all their needs back home all on their own. It’s expensive to buy food now, it’s not even on the shelf, and it’s not easy to get to the many markets that we normally do to stretch our dollar. Sure there’s delivery service and that’s wonderful, but it’s not always getting the things that we culturally appropriately need. And it’s expensive and there’s a delivery service charge too! I think about all those things and how we can even have all the money in the world and not be able to access food. Those are the barriers we are facing in case you didn’t understand. It’s time to really lend a helping hand and open up our hearts and these guys really proved it!

Thank you Soup Vancouver for your donations! 


Gift card donations from my dear friend Corina! Thank you!

About Eva

Eva Aboud is a community outreach /food security coordinator. She has worked at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House since 2004. And is very passionate about her work. She loves the Frog Hollow community and continues to learn and connect with people from not just the neighbourhood but from all over the world! Also a Blogger at The Power Of Positive Change https://thepowerofpositivechange.com/
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