Neighbourhood Small Grants: Science X [Event Recap]

The youth team at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House had organized a science workshop for the kids. It was funded by the Vancouver Foundation Small Grants. The project involves the promotion of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field to youth and children.

I love seeing the kids learn cool science projects and get educated on how things work. Each group move through each science station to experience different types of science experiments. Activities were about aerodynamics, slime-making, and dried ice experiment. It was quite a fun hands-on event.

Check out the photos below:

20170826102150154 20170826103123941 20170826103148238

20170826103430816 20170826104431357 20170826104532615

20170826104552136 20170826104821432 20170826105427905

20170826110057611 20170826111420468 20170826111434512

20170826111503904 20170826111505078 20170826113118880


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