Good Neighbours Awards Banquet 2017

good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-1On May 11th, 2017 we attended the Good Neighbours Awards Celebration. The Good Neighbours Awards is an annual event hosted by the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of British Columbia (ANHBC). It’s an event that celebrates those wonderful people who who have made amazing contributions to the Neighbourhood Houses in their Vancouver communities.

The night was a lot of fun where both staff and volunteers got together and cheered and showed their support for the the Award recipients, of which there were many!

Our own Jennie Yuen and Crystal Chow were honored with awards for the Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House as well as Books for Me.

good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-3good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-5good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-6good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-2Jennie Yuen – Neighbourhood House Good Neighbours Award

Crystal Chow – Youth Good Neighbours Award

Books for Me – Corporate Good Neighbours Award

These are some more pictures highlighting the great moments from Thursday night:

good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-7 good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-8 good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-9 good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-10 good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-12good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-11 good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-13 good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-14 good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-15 good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-16 good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-17 good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-18 good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-19 good-neighbours-awards-banquet-2017-20

Congratulations to all the fantastic honorees!

Fun Moment Snapshot: One of the funniest moments for me was when Jennie said, “It felt like the paparazzi were taking pictures of me with all the camera flashes going off when we were on stage!” 😀

*All photos compliments of Jennie Yuen


About Kyra Dawson

Kyra is a writer, blogger, film buff, holistic health enthusiast and always believes one should trust their instincts. She is passionate about volunteering and giving back to the community and loves spending time with her family. She spends a lot of time in Norngard and delights in weaving stories that take readers to places that only exist in dreams. A published author, Kyra is hard at work writing "The Books of Norngard", a Young Adult series of books in the Fantasy genre. Follow her on Twitter @KyraDawson and read her stories at
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2 Responses to Good Neighbours Awards Banquet 2017

  1. Jennie Yuen says:

    haha! And I was trying to freeze that smile for quite a while.

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