Day of Pink

day-of-pink-tshirtToday is April 12th which means it’s International Day of Pink. Many of us will be wearing a pink (or red) shirt to symbolize our support of and our belief that one day there will be an end to bullying and intolerance of all kinds.

It’s the perfect day to be mindful and practice heart minded thoughts and actions like kindness, compassion, and celebrate diversity.

So let’s put on our pink shirts, wear our hearts on our sleeves and help raise awareness. Are you in the pink? Show us your #DayofPink shirts and smiles! 🙂




About Kyra Dawson

Kyra is a writer, blogger, film buff, holistic health enthusiast and always believes one should trust their instincts. She is passionate about volunteering and giving back to the community and loves spending time with her family. She spends a lot of time in Norngard and delights in weaving stories that take readers to places that only exist in dreams. A published author, Kyra is hard at work writing "The Books of Norngard", a Young Adult series of books in the Fantasy genre. Follow her on Twitter @KyraDawson and read her stories at
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