Frog Hollow Caregiver Support Group

Wednesday March 8 was the last of the six sessions on Caregiver Support Group hosted by Frog Hollow.  With the support from Renfrew Care Centre, the event was able to hosted at the location.  This is part of the CAI (Community Action Initiative Project) as a support group for the caregivers of the family,relatives and friends provided very useful education and training on how to deal with stress and self care for caregivers.  Also useful information on maintaining a healthy lifestyles (nutrition and exercise) so as to maintain good mental health. There are also useful resource, support and services in the community.  I am interested to learn more about dementia/Alzheimer’s disease.  Thankful to the caregivers willing to share their experience.  The last session was a Potluck evening, not just to share delicious food together  we also shared feelings, thoughts and advice with one another.  We have fun on the reusable bag by doing some drawings and colouring on it.  We enjoyed the ten minutes ‘chair’ yoga with Gloria at the end of the sessions too.  Thank you to all the participants.

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