About our community walk

I am one of the leaders leading our regular community “slow” walk.  We have handed out invitations together with treats – apple chips, also giving out Frog Hollow magnets and sunflower seeds distributed door to door to introduce our walk.  Our goal is to out reach the seniors particularly to those living alone to connect them to the community.  To keep them in touch and be informed.  In fact everyone is welcome if you care for a walk.  We do our walks every alternate Wednesday rain or shine.  Leaving Frog Hollow at 12:30pm and walk for one and half  to two hours depends on the route we have taken with the help of the FH community asset map.  Many seniors express they  do not wish to go out for a walk alone but happy to go out for a walk with a group to enjoy the sun (on a sunny day) get some fresh air and be able to chat together to share knowledge and ideas.  Also to look at beautiful houses and plants on the way.  This is a good way to build up friendship and a good exercise to stay healthy.  Most of our walks are going to the neighbourhood parks.  We have been to Kalso Park, Beaconfield Park, Sunrise Park, Garden Park, Clinton Park and Hastings Park.  At one event we walked with teams from Hastings Sunrise Community Policing to Clinton Park and do the clean up there.  We have a good work out on the day and helping the community too. You can see our walks through the blog.  So please come and join us for a walk at Frog Hollow.  It is a good way to know your neighbourhood to stay healthy and you are not alone.  We have a walk today, please stay behind after the walk for a survey , give us your feedback and thought about the walk.  There are food and prize draw during the survey.

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1 Response to About our community walk

  1. Kyra says:

    Hi Linda! Sounds like you all have a great time. I’d love to join you. 🙂

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