The Wonderful Things We Love About Spring


It won’t be long now. There’s change in the air and in the light of the sunshine as it begins to warm up. Soon winter will loosen its grip upon our beautiful city of Vancouver and the wonders of Spring will bloom into life.

The wonderful things we love about spring don’t have to be huge or anything you can hold in your hand. It can be a feeling or a sound or a smell. It can be the excitement you feel when you see the wonder of the world wake up from a long winter’s slumber. Or it can be the joy new life brings, or the hope all new beginnings hold within our hearts.

When I think about Spring, the feeling I feel the most is the warmth of life and how precious it is. It brings me such happiness just to witness how beautiful this place that we share can be. Here are a handful of things about spring that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Odes To Spring






Bumblebees & Honey Bees


Crocus Flowers




Blue Butterflies


Cherry Blossoms and Trees In Bloom


They say in spring that love is in the air. If that is true then I’d like to believe that kindness and compassion for yourself and others is in the air too. So as the first day of spring gradually approaches later this March, what do you think about? What new beginnings and ideas do you have dancing in your mind’s eye?

Is this the year you plan to finally clean out your clutter? To start that garden and test out your green thumb? To start eating more local fresh fruits and vegetables? Are you welcoming a new member to your family? Do you plan to volunteer?

How does springtime inspire you? How does it make you feel? What are some of the wonderful things YOU love about spring? Are they on this list? Share your favorite spring things with us in the comments and enjoy waiting for the arrival of a new season.


All of Us at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House ❤


About Kyra Dawson

Kyra Dawson is an author, writer, creator of worlds and characters, and a weaver of fantasy stories. Some stories are here, some are there, and then there are others that are very far away and not here at all.
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