Lunar New Year’s Seniors’ Art Showcase

You are welcome to join us for the event to be held tomorrow.  Please come and have fun with us.  I would also like to take the opportunity to share informations on our community walk on last Wednesday Feb. 1st we left Frog Hollow at 12:30pm walking from Renfrew to 4th Ave. E to Slocan to Clinton Park where we stopped and shared our thought on the proposed concept plan of the park.  Please do not forget to share your views too deadline is tomorrow.  On the way back we stopped at ‘Columbus’ our favourite butcher shop for our ‘Friendship’ gathering on Friday Feb. 3rd since the walking group also has member of the ‘Friendship’ group.  Though it was a snowy day last Friday many seniors were able to attend the gathering and have fun.  Please be advised our next community walk will be on next Wednesday Feb. 15 come and join us for a walk at Frog Hollow at 12:30pm.image

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