Support For Our Holiday Hamper Program

holiday-hamper-supportDear Community Member,

We are seeking community support for our Holiday Hamper program. For more than a decade, we have provided support and much needed cheer to at least 40 families in our community each holiday season.

Since 2009, we have seen increasing challenges for a wide spectrum of our community members. This includes a general increase in the number of families and new immigrant families in need of support (food, clothing, and access to services) as well as annual increases in the number of families experiencing more significant barriers.

More specifically, we have seen an increase in the number of adults and children experiencing poverty. We regularly provide meat and bread/produce to low income families in our area, and have a long waiting list for this program. Many people are the working poor, while others are not able to work because of disabilities or other issues. Some are in very tenuous situations and are on the verge of homelessness.

The Vancouver Chinese Evangelical Free Church has generously agreed to partner with Frog Hollow to facilitate the hamper project. The church will assemble and provide a physical hamper for each family identified, with a food store gift card for families. This is a social justice project and we appreciate the generosity of this local organization in providing much needed help to make this happen.

We hope that you can support this project by giving cash, cheque, gift card donation or making a donation to the Frog Hollow Website the deadline for donations is December 9th.

If you would like to donate to Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, please address your cheque to the Holiday Hamper Program, and address your envelope to the following:

Attention Gladis Rivera
Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House
2131 Renfrew Street
Vancouver, B.C. V5M 4M5
Tel: 604 251 1225

All Donations of any kind dropped off at Frog Hollow will receive a tax receipt.
Drop off: 9 -5pm Monday to Friday

These funds will go directly to families identified by Frog Hollow as a gift card. Any donations made after this point will go directly to providing emergency food to families over the months of December and January.

We thank you for your ongoing support of our program and wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

Diane Wilmann
Director of Family and Senior’s programs
Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House
Phone: 604.251.1225 Fax: 604.254.3764


For more information contact Eva Aboud at eva[at]froghollow[dot]bc[dot].ca


About Eva

Eva Aboud is a community outreach /food security coordinator. She has worked at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House since 2004. And is very passionate about her work. She loves the Frog Hollow community and continues to learn and connect with people from not just the neighbourhood but from all over the world! Also a Blogger at The Power Of Positive Change
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2 Responses to Support For Our Holiday Hamper Program

  1. Eva says:

    So nice! A community member just walked in to frog hollow and donated gift cards from a local grocery store.
    It doesn’t take much to help build towards our goal for our holiday food support program.
    I am really grateful to this woman….every little bit counts.
    Thank you

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