Eastside Culture Crawl

This year marks the 20th annual anniversary of the event but it is the first year that I have attended.  There has so many eye-catching displays on painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, glass blowing, pottery, furniture making, metalwork, leatherwork, jewellery, weaving and fashion.  There are over five hundred talent artist show their exhibitions on eighty building in four days.  I went to one yesterday and just on Parker Street Studios I have spent more than three hours there and no time to see any more because it opens till 6:00pm.  The artists are very nice and they love to tell their stories.  They like to share with you their idea, passion and experience of their work.  For instance I have shown interest and admire a painting of the sea and things under the sea.  The painter said she scoop dive under the sea and get the idea of this painting.  There is one more day for the exhibition today I hope you will not miss this.  It really worth a visit.  Thank you Manda for your time being a guide yesterday afternoon.

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