know about Bell’s palsy

You might think you’re strong because you seldom take medication, hardly get sick like such as cold and fever. Or, you might think you’re healthy because you have normal diet and regular daily life. However, you would be very mistaken because you might get affected by Bell’s palsy:<

Bell’s palsy carrier has paralysis on one side of his/her face.  He/she has trouble in raising eyebrow and wrinkling forehead. He/she can hardly close one eye completely and has drooping of one eye and one corner of his/her mouths. Because of faint movement on the muscle, he/she has trouble in speaking, smiling and eating. Also, because one eye keeps opening long time, it can dry out and get damaged.


In a summery, one side of face is frozen!!!  The inconveniences really weight.

But there is always hope. The good news is there are 80%-90% chance to get recovered. The earlier treatment is received (the best time is within 72 hour as Bell’s palsy starts), the higher rate of chance to get completely back to normal. So, go to see a doctor right away once you feel numb on you lips or cheek, or when you find out you can’t close one eye.

Util now it is only known that an infection with a virus on the face nerve causes Bell’s palsy. Or, it might be pressure causes immune system low so that a virus easily attacks the nerve. As result, keeping yourself positive and active is helpful for treatment. Patience is necessary. It might takes three weeks to up to six months to get better when Bell’s palsy starts. Oh, one more important news to be added: aside to take medication, Chinese herb and acupuncture deserve big help in the progress of recovery.

Actually Bell’s palsy is very common in different age groups. It happens suddenly. What we can do is to keep ourselves physical strong and know how to get out of pressure. Also, remember to wear covering in a windy raining season, believe it or not.


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3 Responses to know about Bell’s palsy

  1. Kyra Dawson says:

    Years ago I had a friend who came down with Bell’s Palsy. She was in her early 30’s and had just had her 1st child. It came on suddenly and with no warning. One minute she was fine and the next she was incapacitated. Luckily she happened to be with her husband in the car; he was driving and was able to make it to the hospital in under an hour. Today she is fine with only minor traces that she ever struggled with this illness, but it took about a year for her to get well. I agree that taking care of your health and immediate medical intervention is vital to recovery.

  2. Fan says:

    I feel happy for your friend stayed in the 80% who could recover mostly from Bell’s Palsy. She’s a lucky one though having been unfortunate. Medical care takes a while depends on the suffer’s age, physical health and prompt treatment when it happens. It says acupuncture can help to boost the facial nerves back to normal function. So it’s quite highly recommended to try. I wish your friend can recover completely.

  3. Kyra Dawson says:

    Thank you, Fan. 🙂

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