Halloween Party at the Japanese Family Program

On October 20th, 2016 we had a Halloween Party at the Japanese Family Program.

There were 18 children and they all dressed up in Halloween Costumes. We did Halloween crafts and had story time. We also enjoyed the homemade pumpkin sweets that some of the moms brought to the party. They were all super tasty!! There were a quite a few new friends who attended the event this time, so we hope it was a great introduction to the program for them.

We can’t wait to have other events like this.

2016 年10月20日、日本語ファミリープログラムではハロウィーンパーティーを開催しました。

当日は18人の子供たちがハロウィーンコスチュームを着て集まりました。 パーティではハロウィーンのクラフトやストーリータイムの時間を設けました。 また数人のお母さんがヘルシーな手作りデザートを持ってきてくださり、子供たちは大喜びでした。 たくさんの新しいお友達も参加くださり、このプログラムが盛り上がるいい機会になりました。


Post by Wong Michi


About Kyra Dawson

Kyra is a writer, blogger, film buff, holistic health enthusiast and always believes one should trust their instincts. She is passionate about volunteering and giving back to the community and loves spending time with her family. She spends a lot of time in Norngard and delights in weaving stories that take readers to places that only exist in dreams. A published author, Kyra is hard at work writing "The Books of Norngard", a Young Adult series of books in the Fantasy genre. Follow her on Twitter @KyraDawson and read her stories at https://www.wattpad.com/story/84732732-the-beautiful-forbidden
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