Community Walk/Friendship Group

October 5 was our regular community walk day.  We left Frog Hollow at 12:45pm with a small group of walkers this time, actually all the comers belonged to “Friendship” group too.  We meet on the first Friday every month at Frog Hollow for two hours chatted together wisdom exchange and a special thanks to those volunteers working hard in the kitchen to prepare a nice lunch for us to enjoy.  ( I am glad that I am able to take a photo of them start at the kitchen this morning). We sure have a delicious meal today because during our walk we found a good butcher shop at Nanaimo and Kitchener that gave us a special discount on chicken drumstick.  We stopped at Clinton Park for a rest after the good buy from ‘Columbus Meat Market’ then heading back to Frog Hollow.  Glad that we were able to have a walk as an exercise and on the way we also have the opportunity to introduce our regular walk to someone new.  We do hope to see some newcomers.  Please be advised that our next walk will be at October 19 combine with the clean up activity.  Care to join us?

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