Host an Inclusive Thanksgiving!

We live in a global environment, people of all shapes, sizes, creeds, needs likes and dislikes.

Thanksgiving historically has been a way to celebrate and be thankful for the fall harvest, but today it’s become the time of year to sit down with friends and family and be thankful for what you have.

Your Thanksgiving table might be as diverse as the community you live in. So whether you are inviting your neighbour down the hall who has never celebrated Thanksgiving, your gluten-free nephew or your eco-conscious best friend there are easy ways for everyone to feel welcome and at home.                  comm

Check out the quick links below for some ideas on how to deal with a variety of guests.

         Vegetarian          Vegan           Eco-conscious           Gluten Free

If you have guests from a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, chat with your guest about their home country and find out what their celebration food is and ask for suggestions.

Have a happy, safe and inclusive Thanksgiving!

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One Response to Host an Inclusive Thanksgiving!

  1. Eva says:

    I will definitely try some of these recipes out next year-it will be my turn to make the turkey dinner. Thanks for the tips…especially now that so many of my family members have changed their diets. Once upon a time we all ate Pasta galore, baguettes, and consumed meat like we were kings! But now we have all changed and it gets tricky to plan a meal that accommodates everyone.
    But, I love the new insight on food as well because we are all getting healthier too!
    I’m thankful for my health:)

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