Tot2Teen Dental/Laughing Bean

Yesterday afternoon we have an opportunity to visit two places in East Hastings.  (One is a dental office and the other one is a coffee shop.)  Dr. Gartner is a specialist in paediatric dentistry and with a great deal of personality indeed.  She explained in depth of how she sees the need of dental care for children and not finding one in East Vancouver.  So she sets up her own dental office going through a long process.  She has taken the time to tour the office with us.  It has a very comfort atmosphere.  I can see her love and care for children and those with special needs too.   Though she is Canadian born her parents are from Germany.  The second place that we have visited is a coffee shop.  They started their business in 2003.  They loved the location because  it is close to anywhere and there are no coffee shop in the area before them.  Dr. Gardner and the coffee shop owners both have two daughters.  Another similarity is they both have therapy dog.  Children love dog in the dental office for comfort and customers in the coffee shop love to take the dog out for a walk as a relaxing exercise.  I love to hear stories and cherish my friendly neighbourhood.

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