Promoting Food Security

On Thursday August 25th we were at the Drive Youth Employment Centre armed with a img_20160831_180412737second hand blender and a bushel of kale.

The goal was to promote food security and healthy eating among youth in the city. Eva, our Food Security Coordinator demonstrated how to make a nutritious and delicious kale smoothie and shared the fruits of her labour with the youth involved in the Frames Film Program. This is a great project that helps kids express themselves and their viewpoint though film (to learn more about this fantastic program check out their link HERE).


Eva making smoothies

While Eva was blending kale, blueberries, bananas, coconut water, yogurt and almond milk she was sharing the benefits of eating kale, how to access it and what to do with it. Not only were the smoothies delicious but appreciated as it was chock full of vitamins and minerals that not only promote physical health but learning and creativity too.

This visit to the Frames Film Program meeting was a part of a larger scheme of promoting food security at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House. The Food Security Programs consists of monthly potlucks, gardens, cooking programs, informational and educational food security workshops. We provide hot lunch to families with children ages 0 to 6 in the Family Program drop-in involving the parents/caregivers in the kitchens in assisting and preparing the hot meals, thus building capacity as they gain Canadian experience. Our volunteers also engage in the many garden projects involving seniors, youth and community members from a diverse group of language and culture. Other sustainable food programs provided to our programs families that help meet their daily nutritional needs are from the support and generosity of several funders (United Way, Sustainable Food System Grant, Community Action Plan for Children (CAPC), and local organization such as Intercity Packers, Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Uprising Breads, Quest, Van Whole Produce and Donald’s Market. With their support they assist in sustaining healthy growth and development.

If you haven’t worked kale into your diet yet give it a shot. Here are some easy and delicious recipes.  What’s your go to kale recipe?

If you want to learn more about food insecurity in Vancouver and how you can help, contact Eva at or  604-251-1225 ext. 238


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