Last trip with the inspiration pass

We do not have time to visit Vancouver Maritime Museum during our trip to the Museum of Vancouver and H.R. MacMilan Space Centre though they are so close together.  Many seniors express interest of visiting the place so to make good use of the pass (the two weeks inspiration pass due on August 31st).  We managed to do it yesterday and we were glad that we did because it is so interesting to see so many different type of vessel model displayed there.  We also went to Maplewood Farm on the same day too.  This is another interesting place to see many different kind of animals.  You can feed chicken,ducks and bunnies.  Thank you to Frog Hollow for helping us to get the pass.  Altogether I have made 11 visits it is quite a record to me and certainly I have made good use of it. I would like to say a special “thank you” to Diane Chan, Manda and Rosa to make this possible and I hope you all enjoy the visit.

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One Response to Last trip with the inspiration pass

  1. Diane Chan says:

    I am so happy that the whole group enjoy the visits! You are amazing going to so many interesting places within the 2 weeks!!! Thanks to Hastings Library who provided the Vancouver Inspiration Pass that made everything possible and thanks for the two wonderful volunteers who led different groups to the fun adventures.
    ~Diane Chan

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