Harvest Fest!!

On Thursday September 1st Frog Hollow is holding it’s annual Harvest Fest. It’s a neighbourhood celebration of the beauty and bounty of the harvest season and the importance of home gardening; after all, home gardening benefits your individual health, reduces your environmental impact AND gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment!

So come to Clinton Park at the corner of Grant and Slocan St. from 10am -2pm and celebrate the harvest, celebrate your impact and celebrate community!

But this isn’t just about gardeners.  Everyone is welcome! There will be live music, singing, dancing, yoga, face painting, seed give aways, a learning garden and more!!

sport-927760_1280   dance-674752_1280   bear-1124548_1280

Don’t forget to bring your most adored vegetable for the famous VEGETABLE CONTEST! Criteria is made up on the spot for a fun filled competition. You could win for the vibrant red of your pepper, the beautiful curve of the zucchini, or the quirky personality of that carrot! Entry closes at 11:45 and judging begins at noon.


Check out how much fun we had last year!

For more information on food security and to learn about local gardening workshops join our Hastings Sunrise Community Food Network where we’re building community one home garden at a time.

Leave us a comment about your favourite part of home gardening, we’d love to hear it.

Ps. If it RAINS we will have the Event at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House 2131 Renfrew St at 5th ave.

harvest flyer

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2 Responses to Harvest Fest!!

  1. Eva says:

    I am soo looking forward to this event! Each Year I am astounded at how much interest there is around the Veggie Contest. This community amazes me:)

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