Frog Hollow Piano Painting Project

Piano Painting Project
Written by senior participant Amy Ng

Our Newborn Baby
This is my first time to join a piano painting project at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House.
Our group includes staff, young students, and seniors. In the beginning, we planned the piano design after discussions. It was an important time to decide the image of the piano. We worked on this piano project for a few days. First we cleaned the piano and then painted it with white and then blue to cover the original black. Second we drew and then painted our design on the piano. No matter what we tried the piano still made our hands and clothes dirty. At last we kept on going even though we were wet, tired and hungry.
I really appreciated sharing my ideas which could mix and match with other people’s ideas. And thanks to the staff’s suitable arrangement, our team kindly cooperated and I got fun, happy, and patients from this project.
Today I think everybody will feel amazing when they see the rainbow piano!




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2 Responses to Frog Hollow Piano Painting Project

  1. Kyra Dawson says:

    What a happy piano it is now. So pretty. I saw the piano when you guys started. And that table is beautiful! What great ideas expressed in paint.

  2. Ancel Chu says:

    Thanks Amy for writing this and Linda for posting it on the blog. The piano is decorated with so much passion, love and care!

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