Canada Day You Say, Eh?

canada-159585_1280July 1st is almost here and that means it’s time to celebrate!

Now if being represented by a maple leaf or having the
longest coastline in the world isn’t enough to stir up some festive feelings than consider these fun facts:

  • Canada built the world’s first UFO landing pad
  • Canada holds an annual bathtub race
  • A Canadian boy holds the world record for number of spoons balanced on his head
  • Canada has the highest rate of doughnut shops per capita than anywhere else

As you can see we as Canadians (and our guests) have a lot of reasons to celebrate on Canada Day, but perhaps one of the most important is our sense of community. Whether it’s everyone between sea to shining sea or our little home in Hastings Sunrise, here at Frog Hollow we know our neighbours matter.

So on this July 1st we encourage you to find some community, whether that’s with fellow Canadians watching fireworks, a BBQ with friends and family or the simple company of the mountains and forests; find your space here in this great country. We have a lot of it 😉


Comment below to share how you plan to celebrate Canada Day!

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2 Responses to Canada Day You Say, Eh?

  1. eva aboud says:

    I love this Country! Didn’t know we built the first UFO landing Pad!
    Now I love you Canada even more…:)

  2. Kyra Dawson says:

    The 1st UFO landing pad? Pretty cool, eh? I’ll be hiking, enjoying our mountain trails and forests, getting my nature fix with family and friends. Happy Canada Day to you! 🙂

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