Italian Day At Commercial Drive

This afternoon I have gone to Commercial Drive for the Italian Day event held there.  Though it was their seventh year but it was my first time going there.  It was a fun day with many food to taste and full of entertainment to enjoy.  I hope you have not missed the event.

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3 Responses to Italian Day At Commercial Drive

  1. eva aboud says:

    it was a great day indeed!
    It’s a family tradition to get together each year with my 2 daughters and granddaughter and mother on Italian day celebrating a part of out heritage:)
    Viva Italia!

  2. Linda Tsang says:

    I enjoy my day there really I have spent four hours looking around.

  3. Kyra Dawson says:

    I’m so glad both of you had so much fun! Maybe next year I’ll venture out with my youngling and see a little Viva Italia for ourselves! 🙂

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