Pathways Women’s Circle Gathering

On Friday, May 13th, we had women’s circle gathering here at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House. Attendees were from past participants of the “Pathways to Leadership” program as well as the “Pathways Theater” program.

It was a fun event (organized by Rosa and Elise) to connect with those and also a chance to catch up on how things are going with each other.

Agenda as follows:
10:00 – Opening Circle
We started off with everyone sitting together in a circle and taking turns sharing how we felt during the week on a scale from 1-10. Most of us were an 8.

10:15 – Theater Activities
> Name and Movement by Endie
> Name Song by Endie
> Numbers game by Ary
> Two Truths and a Lie by Angela
> Freeze game by Angela

11:15 – Facebook Page announcement and Discussion Circles

11:45 – Lunch Set-up & pick up kids from childminding

12:00 – Lunch time!

photo 2

Thanks to Linda Tsang for taking this photo.

12:45 – Closing Circle

All photos taken by Jennie Yuen. Visit the Flickr Album to see full gallery.

About Jennie Yuen

Jennie is a Fantasy Artist, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Blogger, Brand Ambassador and a Foodie. She is also a Stay-at-Home Mom and enjoys spending time with family as well as giving back to the community. You can find her through her main blog at
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1 Response to Pathways Women’s Circle Gathering

  1. Linda Tsang says:

    Thank you for your good work Jennie

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