Frog Hollow Neighbourhood Walk (Photos & RECAP)

We had our 2nd neighbourhood walk gathering on Monday, May 2nd, 2016 and all of us had a wonderful time. Our first walk that happened during the last week of April was to send out invitations in the area for friends and neighbours to come join us for this day.

Before heading out, Manda and Rosa speak about guidelines and safety during the walk to Clinton Park. We want to make sure everyone stay close together, especially when crossing the streets.


We had about 3 new families joining us in this neighbourhood walk to Clinton Park. They asked and we told them that anyone can join us. We walked along E. 5th Ave. westbound toward Slocan St. And from Slocan St., we turned northbound to head straight to the park, crossing over E. 1st Ave. As we passed the nearby elementary school, we noticed a few passersby and were wondering what was happening. One of us overheard them asking and one of our group leaders gave them a brief chat.

We also invited some new faces at the park to join in our activities, told them about our community and programs available at the Neighbourhood House. Snacks and refreshments were served: Homemade egg tarts were made by senior volunteers. They are amazing!

After having some food, everyone gathered around for some fun activities. Activities include laughing yoga, story-telling, and movements. It was so much fun to see everyone having a good time.

Here’s me trying to get a selfie with the gang. Brought my selfie stick to try because I’m always behind the camera.


Time to quench the thirst with some juicy watermelons:


Finally, as the event comes to an end, Manda and Rosa wrap up with raffle draws and prize giveaways. Congratulations to those lucky winners! Also, special thanks to the seniors and leaders, everything went very smooth and was well-organized.

All photos taken by Jennie Yuen. Click here to view full gallery:

UPDATE: Come join us for our next Neighbourhood Walk on Wednesday, May 18th. We will be walking from Frog Hollow at 12:30pm and meet at Kaslo Park at 1:00pm.

About Jennie Yuen

Jennie is a Fantasy Artist, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Blogger, Brand Ambassador and a Foodie. She is also a Stay-at-Home Mom and enjoys spending time with family as well as giving back to the community. You can find her through her main blog at
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1 Response to Frog Hollow Neighbourhood Walk (Photos & RECAP)

  1. Kyra Dawson says:

    This looked like so much fun! What a beautiful day for it too. 🙂

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