Doors Open Vancouver

“Doors Open Vancouver ” was on October 3 this year.  There were 18 venues to choose from but it was not possible to see them all.  We decided to choose Stanley Park Miniature Train.  We took a bus all the way to the Stanley Park Bus Loop but we didn’t know where the miniature train station is. We walked around inside the park  and then we heard the “choo, choo” sound.  We knew the train station must be nearby so we followed the train sound and were able to get to the train station.  There was a long line up with lots of families taking their children for the train ride which was offered for free on that day.  We were so excited that we finally found the train station and waited patiently for our turn.  We didn’t have to wait very long for our turn.  There were Halloween decorations along the train route already, preparing for  Halloween.  The train ride lasted about ten minutes.  Afterward, we walked around the park, we passed the Rose Garden but the roses had withered and only a few flowers still hanging on the branch.  We saw the geese walking on the grass enjoying the sunshine, a tour bus driver  taking pictures of the racoon.  We were happy to spend a nice afternoon in Stanley Park and enjoyed our adventure.

Photos taken by Linda

photo 5(1)photo 3(2)photo 2(3)photo 2(2)photo 1(2)photo 3(1)

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