Evening Walking Club

This summer we had a Evening Walking Club organized by Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House’s staff.  The first evening walk we walked in the neighbourhood and saw some Free Library on the street.  This Free Library is a wooden box full of old books  You can take a book, leave a book.  The idea of this free library is to promote literacy because these Free Library open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  Any books that you no longer want you can leave them in the library, this way you can free up space in your house and let others have a chance to read those books.  Another Free Library we passed on the way is bigger in size, it has several shelves:  CD, tapes are on one shelf, foreign language books are on another shelf.  It looked like a mini library.  It is a good way to encourage people to read.

Another week we wen to VanTech Secondary School and we were surprised  to see a vegetable garden at the back of the school.  The vegetable garden is managed by VanTech students and neighbors.  There are variety of vegetables such as kale, beet, carrot, chard, lettuce, parsley, cilantro, turnips and zucchini.  Some of the vegetables are used in the school’s cafeteria and some are sold back to the neighbourhood.  In the summer there is a Weekly Veggie Box program which customers pay up front for the entire season and in return get an variety of vegetables weekly.  It is a good way to access to healthy high quality vegetables.  Teachers use the garden as outdoor classrooms to teach knowledge of food and health.

The third week we walked down to Hastings Park and right beside the entrance there is a Japanese Garden.  Once inside the garden we feel relaxed and calm.  There are different kind  of plants and we saw some ducks swimming in the pond.  Further down in the park there is an Italian Garden.  There are so  many different kind of flowers and plants in the garden.  I have lived in the neighbourhood for many years and go to the PNE every year but I am not aware of these gardens inside the Hastings Park.  I am so glad that Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House organized this activity so we can get to know more about our neighbourhood.

photo 4photo 2(1)photo 1(1) photo 3

photo 1 photo 2

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