Working with youth


This year I have many opportunities working with youth.  A very good experience in Anne Frank Exhibitions to learn the history of the past and we have an open discussion on the closing ceremony to share our thoughts and opinion of the history of  Vancouver today.  Another experience working together to share our ideals of the new gathering place.  How we would like it to be enjoyed by everyone. Placing new gazebo, exercise equipment and games etc.  we also have a chance to learn how to can fresh fruit like blueberries into jam making and to make red pepper and garlic jelly jam too. It is interesting to learn the process and to make good use of fresh fruit and vegetables when they are in season and be prepared for winter.  One more program I would like to talk about is the Healthy Intergenerational Cooking Workshop to learn how to prepare natural sustainable nutritious meals.  One may say youth will learn cooking skill from the seniors but youth have their idea and experience too.  Gordon in the class is very good making salad dressing from scrap.  It is better than buying from stores because you know what you are putting into it.  We learn the importance of hygiene before cooking.  Cleaning the countertop and cooking surface to avoid food poison or contaminate.  Prepare separate cutting board for different use.  For example one for cutting meat and one for cutting vegetables etc.  I learn to love raw vegetables more,  really eating salad is more healthy and nutrition.  It is always good to eat more vegetables and less meat.  I feel more energetic working with youth and more active working in the community better communicated.  It does brings us closer.

Photos taken by Manda

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