Laughter Yoga in Clinton Park

This summer “Frog  In The Park” had added a new program which is Laughter Yoga scheduled every Wednesday.  Doing Laughter Yoga in the park had more benefits than doing it indoor such as fresh air, sunshine, more space.  There is no need to worry about room availability because there is plenty of space in the park to choose from.  The laughing from the Laughter Yoga exercises will attract people’s attention and  they will get curious and want to find out what the laughing is all about and they end up joining the group.

On one of the Laughter Yoga session there was  a Japanese lady who was visiting Vancouver from Japan asked if she could join us.  This was the first time she heard about Laughter Yoga and she was happy that she could join us for the session.  Another session we had a school teacher who was on vacation from Edmonton joined our Laughter Yoga session.  She enjoyed the session so much that she would teach her students to do Laughter Yoga when she is back to school.  She described  the Laughter Yoga exercises she had done to her friend.  We also had mothers joined the Laughter Yoga session with their children.  Some of the mothers told us that their children liked the Laughter Yoga exercises.  The teenager volunteers also joined the Laughter Yoga session.  One of the teenagers told us she liked the  Laughter Yoga  so much that she would join us again at the next session.  On the last session in the park one senior told us that she just returned from her trip the night before but she didn’t want to miss the last session so she came to the park to participate the Laughter Yoga.

We, the Laughter Yoga Leaders, were so glad to see the big responses from participants of all ages.  Thanks to Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House for giving  us the opportunity to practice our Laughter Yoga skill in the summer.  We enjoyed doing the Laughter Yoga in the park and we had lots of fun.

Now that summer is over and we will have Laughter Yoga indoor, please come to our Free Laughter Yoga session at October 30, 2015 (Friday).  11:00am to 11:45am at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, 2131 Renfrew Street.


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