Frog Hollow’s Summer Activities in Clinton Park


Every  summer  Frog Hollow has many outdoors activities held in Clinton Park such as laughter yoga (in fact this one is the first year in the park), Heritage dance, Frogs in the park and Harvest Festival.  Laughter yoga scheduled on Wednesday.  Heritage dance on Thursday.  Frogs in the park on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday when it is a sunny day.  Kids enjoy playing outdoors.  Frog Hollow has provided many books, toys and games for them to play with.  They also love to play with sands at the playground.  The children are taken there by their parents or grandparents.  So laughter yoga and heritage dance will be a very good exercise for the adults and seniors there to take part.  In deed participants are happy with both activities.  They enjoy playing outdoors because of the fresh air to breathe in and the weather is nice and shine.  Very often they have people walking in the park to join them too.  If you like gardening  you can volunteer to help planting vegetable there on the site.  Eva takes care of the Frog Hollow vegetable plants there.  Also you would love the Harvest Festival.  Participants bring in their own vegetables from their own garden and you can win a prize.  So make sure you check the summer program with Frog Hollow and do not miss it next year.  It will brings you lot of fun.

Photo taken by Manda

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One Response to Frog Hollow’s Summer Activities in Clinton Park

  1. manda says:

    sound so fun that I should not miss next year.

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