Thank You Lily

Sorry to hear that you are leaving us today.  We shall all miss you very much.  We wish you all the very best wherever you are.  Two years ago I come to Frog Hollow to learn computer and have participated many activities they provided.  You and Manda  has given us so many opportunities to learn.  I will never think today I am one of the mentors in the beginner’s  computer lesson and even writing blogs.

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2 Responses to Thank You Lily

  1. Jennie Yuen says:

    Lily, we will miss you very much! I’s been wonderful that I had the chance to get to know you more and the opportunity to work with you. Keep in touch!

  2. lilyleapfrog says:

    Thank you Linda and Jennie for your kind words 🙂 It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you both. You have taught me a lot. Best Wishes, Lily

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