Vegetable Dehydration Workshop

Last week I participated the Vegetable Dehydration Workshop.  First we washed all the vegetables except mushrooms because they will turn brown if washed.  Then we cut the vegetables in thin slices.  Some  vegetables such as corn and potato required a pretreatment by blancing which was briefly precook vegetables in boiling water or steam. Remove seeds, stems, pits from tomato, kale, mango, and cherries.  The final step was to place vegetable slices on the dehydrator tray in a single layer and dehydrate.  We used assorted dehydrated vegetables to make soup and all we add to the soup was salt and the soup tasted so delicious.  It was a fun workshop and I enjoyed it very much.

WP_20150820_013 WP_20150820_012 WP_20150820_014 WP_20150820_018

WP_20150820_016 WP_20150820_015 

WP_20150820_011 WP_20150820_017

Photos taken by Manda.

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One Response to Vegetable Dehydration Workshop

  1. manda says:

    it is a good idea to dehydrate the vegetable and save it for winter time, or for camping.
    the result for dehydrating the mango even better, no sugar added and taste so fresh.

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