Grocery Shopping

On Friday I had the chance to try the Better at Home program’s Grocery Shopping.  There were two of us who took part in the grocery shopping service.  The driver drove us to Superstore and we let the driver know that we would finish our grocery shopping in one hour so he could pick us up an hour later.  There was  a volunteer with the driver and this young man can speak both English and Cantonese.  He went into the store with us and helped us look for the items we wanted and  put the grocery into the shopping cart. In half an hour we already got all our shopping done.  The driver drove us  home and both the driver and the volunteer unloaded the grocery and carried them into our home.  It is a pleasant grocery shopping experience because both the driver and the volunteer are friendly and helpful.

The Grocery Shopping service offers weekly(every Friday), door-to-door transportation to help seniors go grocery shopping at local stores.

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One Response to Grocery Shopping

  1. lilyleapfrog says:

    More info on the Grocery Shopping Service:

    “Better At Home” picks up at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House (2131 Renfrew St.) every Friday in June 2015 at 1:30pm. Call Daniela at 604-408-7260 to register.
    Donation $5.

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