Vancouver Heart-Mind Index Initiative Celebration

On March 28th, some of us from our Heart-Mind Index subcommittee group at Frog Hollow attended the HMI celebration held at Mount Pleasant Neighborhood House. It was a time where participating organizations come together to share their implemented projects and stories. Projects included story-telling, crafts with children, games, circle time, describing emotions, etc.

Ana Lorena, Emi, Diane, Virginia, and Jennie representing Frog Hollow Neighborhood House

The Vancouver Heart-Mind Early Years Initiative was a project of Windows of Opportunity in collaboration with the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education. Funding for this initiative was provided by Success by 6 and BC Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Vanessa Richards giving a fun and enjoyable singing and dancing lesson.

Everyone having a good time.

Here are just some of the projects that other participating organizations presented:

Pillow Full of Feelings by the Vancouver Public Library

Storybooks from West Coast Child Care Resource Centre

Heart-Mind Bookmarks by Cedar Cottage Neighborhood House

Quilting Our Stories by Gordon Neighborhood House

Hearts in the Community by VSB Strong Start Tillicum Annex and Queen Alexandra Elementary School

See the gallery for more photos! All Photos taken by Jennie Yuen.

At the end of the celebration, each of us were given a copy of the community photo journal that was compiled by Project Manager, Helen Davidson, and by the Dalai Lama Center team. It contains photos and stories from each organization of how they implemented their project. It is a wonderful keepsake for us to share our memories.

Helen Davidson giving the closing ceremomy speech

About Jennie Yuen

Jennie is a Fantasy Artist, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Blogger, Brand Ambassador and a Foodie. She is also a Stay-at-Home Mom and enjoys spending time with family as well as giving back to the community. You can find her through her main blog at
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