Our Precious Trip – Sea to Sky –

……..There are wonderful hand writing stories about the trip to Sea to Sky……

Let’s go back to the trip together…. Here we go!

so excited!!

so excited!!

        IMG_4748 SAM_0876

SAM_0878 IMG_4754

sea to sky - no namejagjit2Story By  Jagjit Mann






Sea to Sky - article by LindaStory By Linda  Tsang




Villoo and I would like to thank you for asking us to put our names into the lottery originally and for being such great facilitators on the trip. I’m including the blog entry plus a few pictures from the outing. Lily, I’m also attaching a pdf of the paper on agism which I wrote when I was doing my M.Ed.

“The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round . . .”

This favorite children’s song came to mind as we started off on our journey to the Sea-to-Sky Gondola. First of all we were in a school bus designed for smaller bottoms, but it was still quite comfortable. This was partly due to the excellent driving of our our driver but also to the animated chatting which we all took part in. There was another youthful connection: the original reason for our being included was that you (Lily) approached my wife and me when we were attending one of the F.H. toddler sessions with our then one-year-old grandson Yann in Clinton Park in August. After telling us a bit about the F.H. seniors programs you asked us if we were interested in putting our names on the list. Several weeks later you called us to tell us we were two of the “lucky winners” of two seats on the bus!

The trip itself was fantastic. We met so many nice people and had a great time. The tour/information session at the top of the gondola was led by Stephane who is part of the Sea-to-Sky crew. So interesting. We then did both the short and long trails, with some of the most beautiful views of B.C. that we’ve ever seen. Both of you (Lily & Manda), together with the bus driver, did such a wonderful job of coordinating and facilitating, keeping the conversations and interactions lively and friendly. We sure look forward to more F.H. activities. I’m attaching some panorama pictures which I took. Hope you like them.

   Story By Paul & Villoo Boissonnault

seasky03 seasky02

article-B L

Story By Bing Lee

IMG_4766 IMG_4764

Dear Manda and Lily,

My wife (Wai Lan Lam) and I want to express our gratitude for being allowed to take part in the day trip last week on Wednesday, September 17-2014. We feel very fortunate to have experienced safely and kindly the ‘Sea to Sky Gondola’ from the moment we arrived to our ‘Orientation Meeting’ at the Frog Hollow Neighborhood House until our safe return home.

In spite of my limited mobility due to both, a problem in my lower spine and also a heart valve that will need to be exchanged soon, we felt safe and looked after constantly during our trip. Our bus driver was very kind in finding storage for my wheelchair in a fully booked bus and helping us efficiently with transfers.

It was a pleasure to find that once in the base camp to take the gondola, most areas were wheelchair accessible. We value the opportunity to explore independently and experience nature at its greatest.

The views from the Summit Plaza were spectacular and even though visiting different viewpoints and trails was challenging with a wheelchair, we found no shortage of enjoyment around. We are specially grateful for Lily’s kind help that made crossing the suspension bridge a feasible and rewarding adventure on its own.

It is difficult to explain in words the great connection one can feel surrounded by all these peaks, slopes and clouds painted with too many colours, more than I can describe in words. Again, we are very grateful for the opportunity of being part of such a fun and new experience. Clearly, it is the human factor what makes a difference. Thank you very much to the staff who put together this great adventure.

Best regards,

                                                                                      Story By Joke Jim Ng and Wai Lan Lam


article- Meimei2


Story By Chao Shu Mei

IMG_4773 IMG_4771

       Let’s take a break:)

photo 16

article-Zheng Basea to sky article..

Story By Jin Xia Zheng and Zhen Qin Chen

…….Special Thanks:Jin and Zhen’s Grand child:)

SAM_0920 SAM_0923

Let’s start Hiking!!

photo 10photo 11

article-by Iffat Khan

Story By Iffat Khan



article-by SudeshStory By Sudesh Ahuja

photo 17photo 4


The Tantalus range could be seen to the north, covered in snow, with jagged
outcroppings on the horizon. Below was the pale blue of the fjord of Howe
Sound. It was a cloudy day when we went up, but you could see the mountains
and the water below covered in a faint haze, almost more beautiful than in
full sun.
Coming from Vancouver, it seemed like another world to us.
One of the peaks in the distance, Cayley, was a dormant volcano that still had
recorded seismic activity, and another was the pointed remains of a much
larger volcano, eroded by glaciers. To the south on Goat Ridge were rocks that
were once ocean floor on top of the granite of the mountain itself.
These were some of the facts we learnt from the tour guide and the boards at
the viewpoint. An amazing place!

   Story By Anne Marie

Thanks for Lily and Manda…

SAM_0891 SAM_0890

Thanks for our company……!


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