Computer workshop!

Hello Neighbours!

Last Monday at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House…

We had a computer workshop for seniors it’s about ”How to make a blog”.

It was a demonstration also I shared my experience of making the gardening blog.

I’m so glad that everyone was listening very carefully, and being interested to learn a new thing.


Thank you so much for taking the class!

I will support you if you want to share your story on Frog Hollow Community Connections!

Just try it!

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3 Responses to Computer workshop!

  1. Linda says:

    Thank you for your time. I have learnt something new from the lesson and of how to make a blog.

  2. ayakakato says:

    Thank you Linda for your comment!
    It was great to meet you.
    Let’s keep learning!

  3. Monica Louie says:

    How lucky I am to have an one on one lesson. Ayaka, thank you very much for your time and

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