Harvest Festival 2014!!!!!

Hello Neighbours!

The last Wednesday of August, we had an annual event “Harvest Festival” at Clinton Park!

It was awesome weather and so many people came by with their own veggies from their garden for the Vegetable contest!!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

People choose what vegetables have a nicer look, unique, funny, lovely… whatever!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam  Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Cute face!!                                                            Hipster squash!! haha

Created with Nokia Smart Cam Created with Nokia Smart CamBeautiful colours!!

Actually all of them were so nice and I guess they have a lot of love inside!

In front of our garden,

the girls played violin beautifully, and some others played very passionate in their own brass band concert!!!

Having a cup of coffee, hot lemon balm tea…

Chatting with Neighbours….

Many kids played around….

It was a very very nice day!!!!

I can’t wait for next Harvest festival next summer!!!!!!!!!

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