Gardening with kids!!

Hello Neighbours!

Last Wednesday….

It was a Family program summer event at Clinton Park!

Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House has this program every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until the end of summer!!

There were so so so many kids, parents, and seniors at the park.

They were all playing in the playground, dancing, singing and gardening together!

Unfortunately I forgot to take the picture of those happy kids playing!! …

But look at this!!!!!!!!



Happy Tomato plants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomato Jungle!! haha


But they have a little funny shape of Tomatoes…. ?

And I’m so curious that there are mysterious plants in the garden every year which I don’t know the name and what kind of plant is that…

..DSC_8283 DSC_8284


so huge…. 

If anyone knows about this plant, Please tell me!


DSC_8276 Thank you Oscar for helping to make a happy garden!

    We will be back to the garden at Clinton park at July 23rd from 10:00am to 11am

—————-Everyone is welcomed!!——————–



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