An interesting book called “The Perfume Collector”

Do you believe perfume would walk you back into one of your remarkable old memories? Or, it could give you a special feeling. In the novel “The Perfume Collector,” Kathleen Tessaro presented us a mysterious story wove with some interesting interpretation about scent and memory.

It says people usually like to smell as someone they aspire but perfumers manage to create scents for us to recall our certain memory or experience. According to that, a perfume may bring you the memories about rain, snow, or even a scene in your childhood. Andre Valmont, an extraordinary perfumer in the story, said the dirt, sweat, oil from hair, and air, would become the root of scent, and all these natures in our world combined the farmer’s labour work create all fragrance.

Besides, there’re some interesting fragrances talked about in the story. One is called ambergris is a wax-like substance which is “coughed up by the sperm whale when it devours cuttlefish”. Sounds disgusting, isn’t it? But actually it “develops the most indescribable scent.” My son told me he has read about this in a science book.

I occasionally wear perfume. I used it when I wanted myself fresh on that day. I know rarely about perfume and I usually think people wear it just because they need additional scent. So I was surprised by the power of perfume after I read the book. I wondered if perfume can really do that.

One day I went into a store and strolled among the cosmetic counters. I opened each sample bottle and tested. Imitating from the book, I closed eyes and inhaled. The scents made me excited and happy. But I was not lucky enough to find my old memory in that moment. Then I tried to distinguish the ingredients in the perfume to see if there were flower petals, woods, or even hairs. But I could know nothing. It proved I don’t have a “good nose” though I was born in a Dog year. When I was immersing by the fragrance, a saleslady came up to me and talked about some functions of the products. She also gave me several suggestions. I was touched very much by her professional knowledge, but had to thank for her and ran away from her warmth.

If you are a perfume lover, you may try your stocks at home to see if they could accomplish you to your special experiences. Then tell me more about what you have found. If you don’t wear perfume often like me, you may start to try and see if you could find something new. But anyway, this book has interpreted in a special way for the connection between scent and memory.

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  1. Kyra Dawson says:

    What a great post Fan! I absolutely will read that book. I think scent and memory are very strongly connected. To memories, to feelings, to people, to emotions. I also think there are certain scents we are drawn to as well, scents we prefer over others — like preferring green scents over a musk scent. I like green scents mixed with soft florals. Definitely we are drawn to people who smell good to us. Like our children. I will never forget the way my daughter smells. I think it’s my favorite scent in the whole entire world. I think I’m going to try what you did and spend an afternoon immersed in sensory experience and create a new memory connected to scent! I will think of your post when I do. Sidebar… I remember when I was pregnant and the smell of the spice cabinet made me horribly sick. I couldn’t stand it! I had to remove all the offending spices. To this day whenever I smell spices I think of being pregnant but at least it doesn’t make me sick, lol. Instead it makes me smile. 🙂

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