Summer Fun

Summer holiday is here! Have you made some plans for your children? You might have registered your children in summer schools, summer camps or other programs for improvement. Or, you have planned to go out of town for a family vocation. However, if you are going to stay in Vancouver in this nice summer, there are also lots of activities for both you and your children to participate at either indoor or outdoor.

A. Register your children in the Summer Reading Club in a Vancouver Public Library

It’s very cool your children will finally receive a medal when they accomplish an amount of reading time.

B. Hike in Lynn Valley trails

Lynn Valley is a huge natural Oxygen spa. You breathe the fresh air, watching the big tall trees while you walk in the quiet trails. You won’t be bothered by the noisy city. There is a mini suspension bridge, and a 30-foot-deep pool where you might see some young braves diving off the cliff. Children can even walk into the chilly stream to play.

You can drive or take bus to Lynn Valley.

C. Go bowling

Register your child on , then your child will get two free games every day. Adults can get a good deal to play too.

D. Visit Granville Island

There’s a water slide and a water park for kids. You can see public shows, and try some special seafood soups.

E. Go fishing

Check for some community programs that teach children about fishing.

Finally, you can talk to your kids about your summer break. Write it down and send to the Frog Hollow’s Blog to share. Isn’t it fun?

Have a great summer!

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