No Pushing? Pushing!

“We will have a talent show again this year!” my grade two announced it when I saw him after school.

“So are you going to show magic this time, just as what you did with your brother two years ago?” I asked hopefully. How I wished he would be eager to go automatically.

“No! Absolutely no talent show for me!” The little boy refused at once.

I could not say anything that moment. My brain raced, searching for any good reason.

I remember in a parenting issue, it suggests parents should not push their children to complete the work that the parents never have done before. For example, a parent does not know piano and he/she wish his/her child learn it but unfortunately, the child is not interested in the subject. If the parent force the child to go for it , that will hurts the child. At least, the child learns under a pressure and that is useless.

However, I want my child to join the talent show. I don’t expect he does an excellent performance. I think it is good enough to see he stand on the stage and finish his work. But I understand it is difficult than saying. My husband and I are quiet and shy in front of a group. We are not that oral, so are our children.  I am scared to speak in public, not to mention to do a show. But I want a little change for us just because I think it’s better to be braver.

When I was in the Transition program in Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House, I learnt that everyone has a comfort zone and if a person would take some risks or challenge out of the zone, his comfort zone will be extended and consequently he can easily deal with a new situation. It asks for brave, encouragement and determination. Explained this to my second born, I also told him his show would add more fun to the talent show because there’s no other child doing magic; Plus, the show was for fund raising for the school. The more audiences went, the school would receive more fund. Hearing my strong reasons, my second one ended up to agree with me. He promised to hand in the application form.

When it was getting closed to the date, my second kept telling me how nervious and scared he was. I could only ask him take it easy. Eventually he made it successfully. When asked for helper to go to his performance, everyone put hands up. After making a hard choice, he  invited a grade 7 boy and the principle to be his assistants while he did the magic. That made the show more joyful and entertained.

“Since you’ve done a great success, will you continue to do it next year?” I asked him with hope.

“No, I won’t do it any more. No talent show for me!” The little guy insisted.

“Will see. But I will find other ways to make you go again!” I said to myself.

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  1. says:

    I love this story. Yes, sometimes we have to be very creative (and a bit sneaky) on how we encourage our children.

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