Strathcona Basketball Program

 I would like to introduce a fantastic basketball program to your kids!

Strathcona Community Center has basketball programs for children who is over 6-year-old on every Saturday,  and those are younger than 6 on every Sunday as well. Children practise in different age groups, such as grade 4 and younger, grade 5/6, grade 7/8, and older.  The program is in a very low cost. You only need to pay $10 for a child for a three months period. The program is ongoing in a whole year so your child can get in any time.

In the weekly 1-2 hour meeting, children will practise various basketball skills such as dribbling, passing, defence, layups, and shooting, etc…. They also learn how to cooperate with their playmates as a team. Ron is an amazing recreation coordinator. He and the other responsible coaches all together run the fantastic program for children. They has devoted themselves to helping children learning basketball through fun. 

Besides weekly practice, children will play games with other basketball team in the city during the game season. They also play playoff and championship.

My children are involved in the Strathcona team. They love the program because they not only play sport game, but they also keep on learning team work.

“We love to play in the games because we need to run around, looking for a right spot to shoot. Sometimes we need to assist our teammates to score. After then, we must rebound right away to defence.” My children explained to me how to play the game, “A point guy is a main position in a team to make the scores, but we found a good defender is equally important because he can steal the ball from his check and help his own teammates to score. That is the team work!”

As a parent, I like to see my children working hard at the court, trying their best and playing fairly. They do exercise, and not being trapped online; their bodies grow healthier because they keep on running, jumping, passing, and going low when defencing.

Parents often complain their children clung to electronics too much time. So, one way you can do is to take your children out to a sport team and cheer for their work.

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One Response to Strathcona Basketball Program

  1. says:

    Strathcona does have fantastic low-cost, creative programs for children.

    I really like how this post introduces the program with a personal story- it helps me to know why you appreciate the program.

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