Let’s blog ! 一齐参与博客!

Frog Hollow’s blog invite people to participate in writing something on our blog to keep our community blog more active!

Topics may be broad and various, such as sharing your parenting skills and experiences, a wonderful vocation trip, and  your immigrant life in Canada as well. You can also talk about your benefits after you have joined a community program. Or, you may bring up some thoughts and ideas about community services to discuss.

You may write in either English, or even in your mother language. Then just send your writing to the following contacts:

shaniclf@gmail.com or conniefu2003@yahoo.com.hk

We will post your writing for you on the Frog Hollow Blog under your name after we review it.

To appreciate all the support from you, we would like to give those very first participants gift certificate as reward.

Yes! It is very simple. Just Write,   Send,  and  Win !!!


Frog Hollow 博客诚意邀请你们加入我们的博客俱乐部!



shaniclf@gmail.com  或  conniefu2003@yahoo.com.hk


很期待与各位在Frog Hollow博客上见面!!

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